COLTON ( — State-owned vehicles and other non-essential items will be sold in Colton on Saturday to raise money for California.

The sale is part of Gov. Jerry Brown’s executive order in January to have all state agencies and departments sell items not being used.

Trucks, buses, boats, cars, and even a fire truck, are all up for grabs.

Ramon Gutierrez from the Department of General Services said the state wanted to save much-needed money.

“(They wanted to) get rid of equipment that’s over excess,” he said. “(And) small businesses out there…I think it’s a good opportunity to get machinery equipment they probably couldn’t purchase brand new.”

Steve Gorin, who runs The Auction Company in Colton with his mother, is in charge of the sale.

He expects 500 people to participate in the auction.

“25 percent of the bidders are online. That’s not including the 300 to 500 people, and they’re worldwide. We ship stuff out in containers all over the world,” said Gorin.

Gorin believes the state will make $300,000 from the sold items.

Last week, the state made nearly $588,000 from 400 items in Northern California.

Colton’s auction will be the largest sale of state items in Southern California.

By the way, there are no returns, so it’s up to the buyer to do the homework before they bid on anything.


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