LAGUNA BEACH ( — Officials say four armed suspects assaulted three men Saturday during a home-invasion robbery.

Police say officers were called to a home in the 30000 block of Pacific Coast Highway just after 10:36 p.m. in response to a home-invasion call.

The residents said the four men entered the home — located in the Laguna Terraces trailer park — through an unlocked sliding glass door.

Captain Jason Kravetz, in a statement, wrote that the four men startled the three people in the home and assaulted them.

At the time of the robbery, two victims were in the living room watching television and a third was asleep in a bedroom.

After having all three victims lie face down on the living room floor, the suspects ransacked one of the bedrooms. Police are not revealing what was taken so as to not compromise their investigation.

Officials said two of the victims (one 52, the other 72) were pistol whipped in the head by the suspects.

The third victim was a house guest visiting for the evening. The third man, identified as Angel Solis, was not injured.

Bobby Kaple, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, spoke to Solis Sunday evening. He told Kaple he has no clue why the men were targeted.

Both of the men who were pistol whipped were treated at the scene by paramedics. The eldest victim was transported to the hospital for additional treatment.

The suspects are being described as four African-American males with varying builds. Solis said all the men were wearing masks and hoods.

He said the men burst in asking “where the money” is?

“At first,” says Solis, “I thought this had to be some kind of joke from someone who lives around here. And when they pulled out the guns, I said ‘What the heck’s going on'”?

They also duct taped Solis’ mouth shut.

Captain Tony White wants residents to remain vigilant. “Keep (your) doors and window locked and protect their own safety.”

Neighbor Tyler Kastorff said, “I grew up in this area and I’ve never heard of anything quite like this. It’s definitely somewhat intimidating.”

Anyone with information about this incident, is urged to contact the Investigations Division at (949) 497-0377.

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