STUDIO CITY ( — Educate and foster creativity in your child with toys!

Jenny Mullennix, owner of Jenny Bec’s toy store in Brentwood, stopped by the KCAL9 Friday to demo some new toys that are for more than just fun.

Toys that develop your children’s creativity!

• Orb Factory Mosaic art kits

Teach children about colors, shapes, how to follow patterns and they require the child to sit and focus, which is very important and will improve their concentration. With ADD and other issues many children have, this is a great tool.

• TeachMy

Product that a lot parents who really want to give their kids a head start love. TeachMy has products for children of different ages and they have flash cards and word games and a large variety of items.

• Magformers

3d magnetic building sets

• Zingo

In this fast-paced, energetic variant of Bingo, kids get a kick out of pulling the Zinger forward to reveal two mystery tiles, and then try to be the first to call out the tiles that match the images on their cards. The first player to fill his or her card wins by yelling “Zingo.” Two levels of play add zing to the competition.

• Eye Can Art projects
• Collage print making kit
• Wax drawing kit
• Sumi-e Ink painting kit

For more fun and educational toys from Jenny Bec’s, visit the store online.


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