LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Dan did all the scheming and the lying, but in the end it was all about Ian.

The 21-year-old science-loving nerd from New Orleans, the super-fan who said all summer he’s been watching “Big Brother” since he was ten, handily won the 14th installment of the popular CBS show.

And for is winning effort, Ian Terry pockets a cool $500,000.

Earlier today, in a remote on “The Talk” Ian was asked what he would do with the money if he won. He replied, “Pay off a lot of student loans.”

Former “Big Brother 10” winner Dan Gheesling (heavily favored to win this summer) had history on his side. Dan also made final-two deals with everyone in the house. A series of lies and epic back-stabbings didn’t endear Dan to the seven-member jury.

The final vote was 6-1 for the bespectacled Ian.

Ian played a quiet game but was a fiercely loyal member of the Quack Pack alliance.

Danielle, who was Dan’s protegee for most of the summer announced she was going to turn the jury against Dan. Or at least try to in the worst way. When all the votes were counted, Dan’s only vote came from Danielle.

When Ian evicted Danielle this evening, he did so with a heavy heart. “It makes me physically ill to do this,” he said, before announcing he was evicted Danielle and taking Dan to the final two.

Devious Dan even got Danielle to put her own show-mance, Shane, on the chopping block. Dan promised Danielle that Shane would be safe, before Dan did a 360 and voted Shane out.

In their final pleas, Dan admitted he was underhanded by said he was just trying to help his family. Ian said he was just trying to play an honest game (if you don’t count his back-stabbing former Mike “Boogie” Malin out of the house).

American voted mop-haired Frank — evicted several weeks ago — as their “Favorite Player” of the summer and he won $25,000.


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