CNET’s iPhone 5 Review: Finally The iPhone We’ve Always Wanted

By Scott Stein

LOS ANGELES ( — Apple’s iPhone 5 launched to massive fanfare on Sept. 12, and now the verdict is in from CNET’s Scott Stein. He found that the new iPhone offers key features that were desired by users when its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, shipped.

“The bottom line is, we said last year that the two big missing parts of the iPhone were 4G LTE and a larger screen. The iPhone 5 has them, plus a new processor, plus a new design, plus iOS 6, plus a lot more. It’s the best iPhone that’s been made.”

Stein described the iPhone 5 as a “reboot” of the device, which started the smartphone revolution in 2007.

“It’s hard to find a single part of the iPhone that hasn’t been rewritten, redesigned, retooled,” he wrote.

He gave the iPhone 5 four out of five stars, noting some missing features and drawbacks compared to the top competition.

Read the full review:

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    xe audi dat nhat hien nay

    CNET’s iPhone 5 Review: Finally The iPhone We’ve Always Wanted « CBS Los Angeles

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