SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO (CBS) — Approximately two dozen residents were evacuated from an apartment complex where three armed suspects were allegedly waging a police standoff, authorities reported.

San Juan Capistrano police say they received a call Monday morning from a teenage boy in one of the apartments, claiming 2 men and a woman were arguing in his home, and they had several weapons.

A SWAT Team surrounded the residence, located at Paseo La Branza and Camino La Ronda, near Saint Margaret’s Episcopal School.

“At this point, right now, what he’s telling us is that there’s three people in this house — two males, one female — and there’s a large amount of weapons. So, as you can imagine, we’re taking this very seriously right now. The SWAT team is out here and we’re going to try to make contact. The best thing for us to do is to try to get these individuals to come out of the house. But if they don’t, we’ll eventually go in,” Capt. Steve Doan of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said.

Officers evacuated several homes using a loudspeaker, and got the teenager to come outside.

“The announcement was made over a loudspeaker that you could hear for about a half-mile, that — I’m paraphrasing here — ‘The house was surrounded. Come out with your hands up. We have weapons drawn,” resident Martin Smith said.

Four hours later, several residents stood waiting anxiously nearby.

“We’re stuck out here, and we’re only a couple hundred feet from our house. We can see it right here, and our kids are in there barbecuing,” resident Robert Hooper said.

When the SWAT team entered no one was inside the apartment.

The teenage boy who alerted police was going to be taken to the police station for questioning and a medical examination.

Authorities said they would let residents back into their homes shortly after 4 p.m.

Police said they would continue searching for the three suspects.


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