LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A hamburger, French Fries and a Coke used to be Ari Solomon’s go-to order at In-N-Out. But since he went vegan six years ago, he hasn’t been back to the restaurant of which he has such fond memories.

In the wake of the undercover investigation that temporarily shut down a slaughterhouse that In-N-Out has since cut ties with, Solomon, co-creator of A Scent of a Scandal, started the “In-N-Out Burger: Offer a veggie burger!” campaign on Aug. 23 on Change.org.

“At the time I went vegan, I didn’t think about it,” Solomon said. “Veggie burgers have come such a long way, so I just figured, if anyone can make a fantastic, out-of-this-world veggie burger, its In-N-Out. I would love to see what their take on veggie burgers would be.”

Solomon began the petition about a week ago, and it has since received more than 1,700 signatures. The response has been incredible, he said.

“I’ve had so many people commenting, just saying this would be so fantastic,” Solomon said. “Lots of people, vegan and vegetarians, would love to go eat there with friends and family, but there’s nothing for them to eat.”

“It’s good also for people looking to eat healthier or who are concerned about the environment,” he said.

The world-famous burger chain came under fire earlier this month after it cut ties with a Central California food supplier that was accused of animal cruelty.

Workers at the Central Valley Meat Company have been accused of repeatedly using electrical prods on cattle before they were slaughtered.

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