ALPINE ( — “Glen Bearian,” the bear who’s been known to break into the homes and trash cans of Foothill residents, has been captured and is on his way to a wildlife preserve in Colorado.

Fish and Game officials have temporarily sent the bear, also known as “Meatball,” to an animal rescue in Alpine. Glen Bearian will stay at Lions Tigers & Bears through the weekend, and then will be moved to a 1,600-acre wildlife preserve in Colorado.

The bear roamed the streets of La Crescenta and Glendale for the last time Wednesday morning. According to the Los Angeles Times, Fish and Game officials lured Glen Bearian into a cage with bacon and honey.

A La Crescenta resident tweeting on behalf of the bear later wrote: “I think that bacon I had for breakfast had roofies! #Beware”

At least two attempts have been made to tranquilize Glen Bearian and relocate him to the Angeles National Forest. Officials said the bear keeps finding his way back to these residential communities.

On Tuesday, La Crescenta resident Lisa Dupuy reported seeing the 400-pound animal by her pool.

“The phone rang, and I went to pick it up, and, as I looked out the window, there was a bear standing looking at me five feet away,” Dupuy said.

She said he took a dip in the pool, and left his paw prints to prove it.

“He had the big orange tag on his ear, so I figured it had to be Meatball,” Dupuy said.

Residents said they didn’t want to see Glen Bearian go but were concerned that he would keep breaking into homes and backyards.

“I’m very ambivalent on it. I do believe bears should be free but I think he’s going to get himself into trouble and perhaps others into trouble if he keeps coming back,” Dupuy said.

According to his Twitter page, Glen Bearian may have moved to Colorado but will forever call the Foothills home: “Still got love for the streets, repping 818.”

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