Adam Charlson Talks Hiring Trends, Job Seeking Advice

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STUDIO CITY ( — Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the West Coast for DHR International Adam Charlson stopped by KCAL9 Wednesday to discuss local hiring trends for employment.

In California, the unemployment rate is 10.7%.

Charlson had 17 years of executive search experience prior to his role at DHR.

Job Seeking Advice:

-Not a great time to be looking for a new job.

-If you are not an engineer or the founder/CEO of a company, be careful proactively seeking out a new role.

-If you find yourself laid off, don’t take time off. Start looking for a new role immediately. Treat finding a new role, like a job.

-Direct your background to the head of HR, head of staffing, and business unit leaders.

-This is a bad time, if you are unemployed, to decide to try something new. Companies will focus on candidates who have recent, relevant experience to what their business is looking for.

-If you decide, I want to get into healthcare, but I have been in financial services my whole life, be ready for a long job search.

-If you are unhappy with your current role, swallow hard, take a deep breath, and hold onto that role until the market enters real recovery.

For more information, check out DHR International.

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