Once you go luxe, you’ll never go back. Really, catch one flick at the brand-new Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas, and going to the movies will never be the same for you again. Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas, which just opened June 1st in Orange County, takes the movie experience to a whole new beautiful level. You kick back in luxurious leather reclining chairs (that could almost fit two people) with electric, adjustable settings, you have an illuminated call-service button to summon your server to take your food and drink orders and it all happens in state-of-the-art, digital auditoriums. Plus, there is awesome assigned seating, so you never have to rush to get a good seat or guard your seat so nobody snags it (you choose your seat when you purchase your tickets).

img 2841 Watch Movies Like a Rock Star at Cinepolis Luxury CinemasAll of which means you leisurely arrive (early is ideal, so you have time for a pre-film beverage in the lounge), then head to your showing, fully recline and take your pick of the menu. Drinks include everything you could want from martinis to wine to beer, and of course there are soft drinks and more. When you decide what you want, just hit the blue call button and your server arrives to take your order. Watch some movie, then perhaps it’s time for an appetizer of some mozzarella sticks, the hummus plate or maybe a caprese salad when you’re entertained—so you hit the call button, and continue. You can even order entrees of paninis, pizza, burgers—you name it. They also deliver dessert to your seat (of course they do), such as the chocolate fondue and Godiva cheesecake.

img 2842 Watch Movies Like a Rock Star at Cinepolis Luxury CinemasThey’ve really thought of everything, with details including the push-button, secret-agent-like mini lights on the menus and nice touches such as brushed-metal lamps, frosted swivel trays and so on. By the way, if you’re more old-school with your movie-theater eats, push the call button to order up some Red Vines, Milk Duds or buttered popcorn—they’re not at all “above” serving the classics.

Oh, and that movie you’re there to see? Believe it or not, you won’t be distracted by servers and call buttons. The waiters are in and out quickly and move very much under the radar.

So all you’ll be thinking is “Wow, I am ridiculously comfortable, I’m quite full and I’m never going back to some gummed-up, sticky-floor, crammed, ‘normal’ movie theater again.” And, really, why would you? The seats aren’t all that much more. Cinepolis ticket prices range from $13.50 -$19.30 (and there is a $3 surcharge for 3D films).

cf001671 Watch Movies Like a Rock Star at Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas

It’s really amazing how you’re not adjusting, stretching and fidgeting in your chair when watching a movie. Chances are, you won’t be watching your watch either. Then, poof, suddenly the credits come up, and you’re like “Wow, it’s over already? I was gonna have another drink.” For that, simply head to the luxe lobby lounge or the al fresco patio dining area.

It’s an all-new way to see a movie. This is the third location of the luxury brand Cinemas here in the States. Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas debuted its first location in the U.S. last summer in Del Mar, California, and they also have a location in La Costa. The progression into Orange County was only natural.

You can purchase tickets online at cinepolisusa.com or inside the cinema at the Concierge desk. You can also bring all your friends (they’ll love you for it) for a group or private event by calling 858-200-3781.

See you at the movies—fully reclined like a rockstar with a martini in hand, that is.

cinepolis seats Watch Movies Like a Rock Star at Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas

Hours: 11am – 12 midnight

Debbie Lavdas is a Southern California writer who also writes for various magazines in Orange County and Los Angeles. Keep up with her at @deblavdas on Twitter.


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