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LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Wearing those summer flip flops and sandals can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Podiatrist Dr. Rami Calis says that during the summer, people tend to be more active.

“Unfortunately, the shoewear that goes along with a lot of the summer activity tends to be less supportive so people become more prone to injuries,” Calis said.

Injuries like heel pain on the bottom or on the back of the heel may be caused by some of those summer shoes.

Dr. Calis suggests four features of shoes that you should consider having to prevent these aches: something around the ankle to hold the shoe in place, have some sort of arch in the shoe in possible, a thicker rubber sole and a shoe with a slightly deeper heel cup to hold your heel in position.

Dr. Cali says flip flops are OK for lounging around the house, but if you’re going to be walking then he suggests a shoe with more support.

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