POMONA (CBS) — An effort was underway Monday in Pomona to save and restore the city’s treasured public library.

City council and school board officials were among those on the steps of the library to call on residents to support new, permanent funding for the library.

The council has come up with $400,000 to keep the library open on a limited basis, avoiding a complete shutdown.

The city council is expected to put a $38 annual parcel tax on the ballot to fund the library, which would cost property owners about $3/month.

“That’s less than a Starbucks. And I encourage everybody to be willing to dedicate a Starbucks cup of coffee to their library,” said Councilwoman Paula Lantz.

“We are asking that the property owners of this community step up to the plate and approve it,” said Councilwoman Cristina Carrizosa.

The $1.5 million the tax would raise would restore library operations and hours and allow for needed upgrades in technology, as well.


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