MALIBU (CBS) — Her parents have yet to reconcile their daughter’s tragic death.

Katie Wilkins died of a heroin overdose in the garage of her parents upscale Malibu home at the age of 25.

As tough as it is to deal with their daughter’s untimely death, Wilkins’ parents — Robert and Diane — believe there is more to the story and they believe the president of Pepperdine University, for one, is keeping the full story from coming to light.

Christopher Benton, 27, the son of Pepperdine President Andrew Benton was one of the last people to see their daughter alive. He was shown with her at a McDonald’s along the Pacific Coast Highway hours before Wilkins died.

Wilkins died on April 27. Benton reportedly entered a drug rehab facility on April 28.

Detectives have said Benton is not a suspect. And they don’t suspect foul play in Wilkins’ death.

But Wilkins’ parents charge Andrew Benton hasn’t been cooperative with the investigation. And it’s not helping them in grieve.

Says Diane, “She was special. We miss her terribly. She’s gone. No one called. No one did anything.”

She added, “[Her brother] finding her, this has been horrific. You wouldn’t wish this on anybody.”

Katie’s father acknowledged she had had substance abuse issues in her past. “But in the distant past.” Says Diane, “It was out of character. It makes no sense to us.”

The Wilkins have been desperate for answers from the start.

Says Robert, “There were bruises around the upper part of her body. Not enough to be a cause of death. And I don’t know if it was indicative of a struggle, or if she had been dragged…”

Diane says “We’re not trying to place blame here. We just want to know what happened.”

The Wilkins are also “surprised” by the lack of answers from Christopher Benton. Fadel says he is reportedly still in rehab.


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