110 Freeway Express Lanes Coming In November

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SOUTH LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An 11-mile stretch of the 110 freeway’s carpool lanes will become Metro express lanes this November, allowing commuters to bypass heavy traffic for a fee.

Solo drivers will be charged anywhere from 25 cents to $1.40 a mile. The heavier the traffic, the more you pay.

Here’s an idea of what it might cost a frequent user of the express lanes:

At the lowest price, a round trip commute five days a week would cost $1,450/year.

At the highest rate, more than $8,000/year.

For carpools, the use of express lanes is free of charge.

The FasTrak transponders for the 110 freeway will be available to the public starting July 25.

Express lanes come to the San Bernardino freeway next year.

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