LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber may be old enough to get a tattoo, but his knowledge of art history is apparently still in its prepubescent stages.

The pop music sensation referred to Michelangelo’s masterwork on the Sistine Chapel ceiling as the “Sixteenth Chapel” when he unveiled his new body art on CBS’ “Late Show With David Letterman” to mark the release of his new album.

After Letterman bemoaned the current trend of musicians and other performers covering their bodies with tattoos, the late-night host asked Bieber not to “go nuts” himself.

“More and more you see like the murals, the Sistine Chapel, you know what I mean?” he said, gesturing towards his upper arms and shoulders. “It’s too much!”

That was when Bieber assured the host, “I’m not going for the Sixteenth Chapel.”

The singer smiled somewhat obliviously as the audience laughed and applauded, prompting Letterman to add, “Canadian high school!”.

Despite the exchange — which included an awkward moment when Letterman reached across the desk to try to erase the singer’s tattoo — Bieber and Letterman seemed to end on friendly terms: the two are seen sharing a fist-bump at the end of the interview.


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