WEST LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The 90-day closure of two 405 Freeway ramps at Wilshire Boulevard will begin Friday.

The two-ramp closure begins at 10 p.m. for the northbound 405 offramp to westbound Wilshire and on Wilshire onramp to the northbound 405.

“We are going to be eliminating the dangerous weave situation that happens when travelers exiting the freeway merge with those getting onto the freeway. We’re going to be building fly-over ramps so these two ramps will never touch in the future,” said Kasey Shoda of Metro.

The project will also seismically update the ramps and prepare them to meet demands for 2031.

The demolition and reconstruction of the eight heavily traveled ramps is part of the billion-dollar 405-Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project and is required to build a 10-mile carpool lane on the northbound 405 between the I-10 and 101 Freeway.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority suggests several detours for drivers and for motorists to plan on doubling their commute time.

– Motorists should travel northbound on Sepulveda Boulevard to access the Moraga on-ramp or travel southbound on Sepulveda to access Santa Monica on-ramp.

– Motorists should exit freeway using Santa Monica off-ramp, then proceed northbound on Sepulveda to Wilshire Boulevard. Other alternatives include the off-ramp at Sunset Boulevard.

– Also as an alternative, vehicles traveling Northbound/Westbound on the I-405/I-10 will be directed to exit at Bundy Drive to reach their original westbound Wilshire destinations.

The six other Wilshire ramps will be closed consecutively, some two at a time, between 14 and 90 days. A closure schedule for these ramps has yet to be announced.

Metro says work will be done around the clock to ensure the project will be completed as quickly as possible.

For the latest updates on the project, visit Metro online or follow the project on Facebook.

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