LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Kings fans excitedly posting photos of their tickets for Game 4 against the New Jersey Devils on Facebook or Twitter might find themselves being turned away at the door.

Kings announcer David Courtney sent a warning to his Facebook fans Monday, advising them to not post pictures of their tickets that include seat locations and ticket bar coding to prevent thieves from reproducing the tickets.

“To my Kings Family: Please, DO NOT post pictures of your Tickets that includes your seat locations and tickets bar coding!!! This applies to any event tickets these days. It is very easy, with this information, to produce forged tickets and if they get scanned before yours, yours will be refused as duplicates or already used. Please be careful!” Courtney said in the posting.

With the Kings 3-0 over the Devils and on the cusp of winning the franchise’s first Stanley Cup, tickets are in higher demand than ever before, according to StuHub. StubHub says they sold 3,129 tickets to Monday’s Game 3 matchup between the Kings and the Devils, despite the average price of $852 per ticket.


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