Apparently, today's trend setters prefer "this."

The other car guys and I were talking about several recent polls that show two things, that I would not have thought possible.  16-year-olds are not rushing to the DMV to get their drivers’ licenses the second they are eligible; and more teens would rather have their cell phones, than a car.

The reasons vary. Nobody in that age-bracket has money for gas; or they can get around on public transportation (Really? -Ed.) But I just find it hard to believe. Certainly, nobody who remembers that first solo drive to pick up friends would trade the experience for texting said friends from the family room.

Feel free to leave a comment below, telling me how out of touch I am. I’ll read it; but not on my cell phone, and not until after I get back from wherever I’ m going in the car that I still can’t afford gas for.


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