LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles City Council Tuesday postponed the vote to prohibit tents, sleeping bags, bed rolls and hammocks on parks across the city. The ordinance was sent back to the Arts, Parks Committee for further consideration.

The grassy area in front of City Council was damaged by members of the months-long Occupy LA encampment.

If passed, the ban will go into effect before protective fences surrounding the restored lawn are taken down.

Some homeless advocates claim the ordinance is redundant because overnight camping is already banned in city parks, while others say the move will have broader implications, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Officials in the city attorney’s office told The Los Angeles Times the ordinance now defines what constitutes camping and includes an explicit ban on tents. The ordinance states that tents in parks pose health and safety issues, “cause visual clutter and blight” and can ruin the experience for other park visitors.


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