By Lisa Sigell

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Losing weight and getting healthy is not about counting calories, it is a way of life that one fitness expert says starts with adding 30 simple habits one day at a time.

Nikki Friedman is a busy mom from Calabasas, who has tried everything to get to her ideal weight.

“I constantly go back and forth, up and down,” she said.

But Freedman believes that one plan may be the answer to getting rid of those stubborn 15 pounds.

“I’m willing to try anything,” she said.

The plan consists of 30 new habits picked up over 30 days and it promises that the weight will come off. It is called “The Lean,” written by best-selling author and wellness expert Kathy Freston.

“The Lean is all about leaning into changes, gradually adding in healthy habits without overwhelming yourself,” Freston said.

Each day there is a new change, from eating apples to meatless lunches, what you will do day one, you will continue to do through the 30 days.

“That’s why habits stick and that’s how the weight comes off,” Freston said.

Day one calls for drinking eight glasses of water.

“Two cups before every main meal, you loss on average five pounds more fat than people who don’t,” she explained.

Day two brings again the eight glasses of water and adds a healthy breakfast.

“Studies show that people who don’t eat breakfast actually have a decreased metabolism by as much as 40 percent,” Freston said.

The plan is that simple. One day you’re adding fiber-rich flax seed.

“It’s really good for you, so add in two tablespoons a day,” she said.

Another day has you trading in regular milk for soy, rice or almond.

“Less calories and zero cholesterol,” she said.

Even super foods like blueberries, bitter-sweet chocolate and goji berries are going to be part of your daily routine.

“Goji berries to increase longevity and it’s good for your sexual vigor and it helps your weight loss,” Freston said.

But The Lean plan is not just about adding healthy choices regarding what we eat; it is also about our minds and how we think.

Day four has us coming clean by tossing away the junk foods that you simply cannot stay away from.

“Everybody has their trigger food. Get rid of it,” Freston said.

Day eight tells us to “think for five” – every day for five minutes get in touch with your feelings.

“When you actually go in and you make contact with what ‘s going on inside, you’re no longer going to be unconsciously eating,” she said.

Finally there is the very important day 30, when you reward yourself.

“My whole philosophy is progress, not perfection,” she said.

So you do not have to be perfect to get the body that is perfect for you.

“I am so ready, just to have more energy and have a bikini body,” Freedman said.

Kathy said the single most important thing you can do to lose weight and keep it off is to add fiber to your diet.


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