LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A doctor, who works at the L.A. County Jail, was under investigation Wednesday for allegedly illegally issuing prescriptions for dangerous drugs.

No evidence was revealed to suggest that Dr. Manuel Sison was dealing drugs at the jail, but federal, state and county agents raided his second office at a clinic in Van Nuys.

They were searching for evidence of illegal prescriptions, according to authorities.

“Doctor, you’re a county employee, you work at the jail and you’re being investigated for this,” I asked him?

“All the questions have been asked by them [investigators],” he replied.

We were there as investigators from multiple agencies busted the Roscoe Van Nuys Medical Clinic, where Dr. Sison was listed as the medical director.

Inside police found 42 patients, who they lined up on the floor of a hallway. Even more patients were found outside in an operation that police said funneled dangerous pain killers to the streets.

“It shows you that a legitimate, a doctor dealing with legitimate examinations could not see that many patients in one day,” an agent said.

Police carried away boxes of evidence. They said that the patients would get the drugs and then sell them to others, who would deal them on the street.

Police said that they do not know how long Dr. Sison has been working at the clinic.

He did not have much to say to us.

“Do you think that you betrayed you oath, doctor,” I asked?

“Oh no,” Dr. Sison said.

Dr. Sison voluntarily surrendered his DEA license, which means that he could not issue any more prescriptions.

He was scheduled to face an administrative hearing with the county on Thursday.


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