Studio City (CBS) — Deciding what to name your newborn baby is no petty task. For years parents everywhere have made sure their child’s name holds a special meaning; whether it’s after a grandparent, important figure, or something of symbolic meaning, naming a child is usually a drawn out process.

But Tuesday’s birth of Jessica Simpson’s daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson, reminds us of all the celebrities who have come up with some pretty interesting names.

Unorthodox at times, the rich and famous do have a formula for deeming what name fits their child best. Here are a few assumptions and one true story.

• After the first thing they eat after giving birth: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter, Apple, and Courteney Cox’s daughter, Coco.

• Following a recent vacation to the coast: Forest Whitaker’s daughter, Ocean.

• Because they never went to grammar school: David Duchovny and Tea Leoni’s son, Kyd.

• After their favorite comic book character: Nicolas Cage’s son, Kal-El.

But let’s face it, Hollywood’s finest aren’t the only one’s messing with the baby name continuum; we are all guilty. We name our babies after the four seasons, we flip traditional gender based names, and just like celebrities and their crazy concoctions, we also make up names or add variations to the already existing ones. What was so wrong with Josiah that is has to be Jasiah?

Perhaps celebrities should not be condemned for their obscure ideas, but rather commended for their creative ones. Between the 1960’s and 1990’s, Michael was the most popular boy name, and the second most at the start of the new millennium. Likewise, Jessica had a 20-year reign.

But things have changed; maybe the influence of superstar creativeness has rubbed off on us regular people. Jayden and Aiden were nowhere to be found amongst the most popular names in the last 100 years; in 2010 both were in the top 10. The same is true for Mia and Chloe.

If a name is just a word or set of words which a person is known by, then there is no right or wrong one. There are just unique and different ones like Blue Ivy Carter, Pilot Inspektor, or Blanket. So go ahead and feel free to call your precious newborn however you please….just remember to be careful because their name could be the one butchered during roll call, that is, until they legally change it….18 years later.

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