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Billboards You Will Not Ever See in The U.S.

...and maybe we should be glad.
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(credit: Su-E Tan) Kent Shocknek
Kent Shocknek, anchors weekday prime-time newscasts on CBS-TV's KCAL9...
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Sit on the bus bench, and the scale reads out your weight (this is metric: she’s not 68 pounds), in big red digital numbers.  It’s an ad for a gym in the Netherlands.  Or what about a mirrored subway train ceiling-ad  for hair restorers?

a98163 embarrassing ad 2 bald Billboards You Will Not Ever See in The U.S.

There are two more. All you have to do is scroll down, past the actual ads that make it impossible to format horizontally oriented photographs on this site, despite my repeated requests for help are clever and useful in their own right, to see.

a98163 embarrassing ad 11 coke Billboards You Will Not Ever See in The U.S.

This bus stop Coke billboard purports to use magnets that attract the metal in users’ pockets to ‘attract’ them to the product.  I’m not sure it’s the real thing: credit cards and cell phones would crash, and I can see product liability suits lining up now. Do you suppose this guy (below) knows he’s a part of art?

a98163 embarrassing ad 10 gilette Billboards You Will Not Ever See in The U.S.

There are others, from the site Oddee.com , but be warned some  are somewhat mature (or  immature? -Ed.) and are NSFW


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