LONG BEACH (CBS) — Police in Long Beach are investigating a murder and attempted suicide.

Officials say a passerby called 911 at 11 a.m. after reportedly seeing a bloodied body in the 5900 block of Willow Street.

Police now confirm that the deceased is a 9-year-old girl.

Amanda Burden, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9 from the scene, spoke to the woman who found the girl “covered in blood” in the parking lot of the Los Altos Methodist Church.

Officials said another person, also covered in blood, was found with the girl. Authorities Saturday evening said that the man responsible had a “parent relationship” with the deceased.

The man, whom they say was responsible for the girl’s murder, had self-inflicted wounds. The man is either the girl’s father or stepfather.

Nancy Eomurian, the woman who discovered the bodies was understandably upset. “They were both face down. There was a lot of blood.” She had trouble looking at the crime scene. “There was a lot of blood by him, there was blood on her from the backside which I could see, which was not good. And then I’m sitting here and I went to see if she was breathing or not and she wasn’t.”

Eomurian, ironically, was on her way to give blood.

She says it’s hard to get the image of the bloodied girl out of her mind. “When you see this young person so small, I think of [my] granddaughters…”

Authorities say the man is expected to survive. Police say he has been placed under arrest.

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