STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Its time for a spring cleaning of your body!

Corinne Dobbas visited the KCAL9 studios Wednesday afternoon to give viewers tips on cleansing.

Like decluttering and “spring cleaning” your home, it doesn’t take impossible, over-arching steps and to-do lists to reach your goal. Surprisingly, you can make small, easy changes in your everyday lifestyle to get that energy back in your body.

An Easy Habit to Cleanse
For example, did you know something as simple as cutting sugar from your diet can not only help lose weight and re-gain your energy, but it can also stabilize your blood sugar levels, improve your triglycerides and lower your blood pressure?

Some of the harmful effects of sugar includes weight gain, increases the chances of diabetes and cardiovascular disease (think increased blood pressure, stroke), heart disease, and increased organ and belly fat—not good for your heart!

Kicking an unhealthy habit—starting with sugar
• The average American eats (…or slurps) 22-28 teaspoons of ADDED sugars per day (350-440 empty calories!). According to the American Heart Association, You’re shooting for 6-9 teaspoons MAX!
• We want to look at the Nutrition facts panel, but better yet ingredients list and limit added sugars, like high-fructose corn syrup, evap can juice, brown rice syrup,

Easy lifestyle changes that will help with weight loss
– Our drinks
o Trade in soft drinks, juices, sugary coffee drinks for water. Soft drinks are packed with unnecessary amounts of sugar and calories. Ditch these drinks for plain water or if you don’t really like the taste of plain water because it’s too “bland” try HINT Water, a fruit-infused all natural essence water that contains no calories, sugars, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. It’s the preferred choice of drink because it doesn’t contain any sugars yet it still has that hint of flavor. Can be found in stores such as Whole Foods for $1.79 a bottle.
– Desserts
o If you have a major sweet tooth for desserts, instead of eating chocolate cake or candy bars, opt for fruits such as grapes, berries and strawberries. Try them frozen mixed in non or lowfat Greek yogurt for a filling yet yummy snack!
– Condiments: Salad dressings/BBQ sauce/tomato sauce/marinades
o The less sugar, the better—opt for versions with less than 6 g sugar per serving (remember 4 g sugar in a teaspoon…if a serving has 12 g sugar, that’s 3 tsps sugar…and many are having more than a serving)
– Fresh fruit instead of dried fruit with added sugar
o Example = mango with sugar V fresh mango OR craisins VS blueberries
– Cereals
o Look for sugars with less than 6 g sugar and at least 3-5 g fiber per serving

Some other advice to cut out sugar includes buying unsweetened cereals, avoiding fat-free foods as they often contain greater amounts of sugar to compensate for less fat, and indulge in nuts as they provide not only healthy fat but can also curb a sweet tooth and balance your blood sugar.

For more information on cleansing, click here.

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