PASADENA (CBS) — Family members are expected to bury a 19-year-old man who was killed in an officer-involved shooting.

The funeral for Kendrec McDade began about 10 a.m. Saturday at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Altadena.

McDade was killed on March 24, when according to police, officers opened fire believing the teen to be an armed robbery suspect after receiving a 911 call.

McDade was suspected of stealing a backpack from a car. He was unarmed.

Meanwhile, the FBI has joined the investigation into the controversial police shooting. They will investigate if the officers violated McDade’s federal civil rights.

Pasadena police and the LA County D.A.’s office are also investigating.

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» 911 Caller Says He’s Not To Blame For Teen’s Death In Police Shooting

Comments (15)
  1. c-gas says:

    This thug got what he had coming to him. Thank you Pasadena PD for ridding society of another criminal

    1. Whiskey Tango says:

      When police say stop and show me your hands, well normal people would not run. If you’ve got something to hide, here is what you get. Thank you Pasadena Police for doing your job.

  2. pedro javier enriquez gomez sanchez jr says:

    Listen to these two Idiots that happen to be there when it all took place hope you little sissy’s become a victim of a crime REALL SOON!!!!!!

    1. Big_Fat_ Jim says:

      You are the idiot, talking just like a low life street thug. With three sir names, you probably don’t know who your daddy is.

      1. Christina39 says:

        I know who my daddy is and since “has gas” and “drunk on whiskey” are so happy an innocent teenager is dead and then call him a thug when even the cops admit it was a terrible mistake, I don’t hope it happens to them, I hope it happens to their kid.

    2. avenues lllx says:

      latinos that act black will be jacked !

      1. GROWAPAIR (the Original Internet Gangsta!!!) says:

        If your god is so powerful why does he need a puS$y dumbf**k like you , sh!t for brains? Since you know somebody by the name of “Jesus” why aren’t you at peace instead of running around talking sh!t you have no idea about, aS$f**k?

  3. Hardmoney says:

    One less criminal. Don’t steal…don’t die.

  4. mike says:

    GROWAPAIR….. Get a life! “Original Internet Gangsta” what a joke. That sounds about your speed.

  5. robert says:

    good job PPD another low life off the street.

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