LOS ANGELES (CBS) — By lunchtime, Wilshire Boulevard’s south side near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is lined with colorful gourmet food trucks, blocking drivers’ views of buildings, building numbers and, unfortunately, traffic signs.

It’s for this reason that Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge is proposing a a pilot program that would create over-height vehicle zones on Wilshire-adjacent streets for between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., seven days a week. According to the proposal, each zone would probably contain two or three metered parking spaces.

LaBonge, who represents the city’s 4th District, says driving on Wilshire at lunchtime is like driving in a canyon and the food trucks obstruct the view of traffic signals.

“I have a strong belief in safety and the over-height vehicle does present a problem,” LaBonge said.

Food truck operators, understandably, don’t like the new plan.

“You know what, the people are going to follow wherever the food trucks are,” John Gibson of Slider City said.

Residents of those smaller, Wilshire-adjacent streets where these zones are proposed to for set up especially don’t like the idea of food trucks on their streets.

“Because it draws too many people,” homeowner Anita Klabanof said. “The street would be so crowded.”

LaBonge says he will do a walk-through of the area with engineers next week and hopes to get the motion through within the next 60 days.

Comments (7)
  1. TC says:

    Gee! I drive by there every day and I’ve never noticed the obstruction they cause. I’ll have to try harder to notice it.

  2. Al says:

    While I do not live in the city of LA, I live in the San Gabriel Valley, and am amazed at what these food trucks are allowed to get away with. Within a couple of miles, one food truck sets up on a major public street every evening, in front of a business that is closed (along with the other business around it) and caters I guess to the residents in the area. It even puts up plastic chairs on the sidewalk for customers.

    A few blocks away, another food truck, also at night, sets up in the parking lot of a gas station or across the street in a lot of a closed oil change shop.

    This is not what these food trucks were initially designed for – – traditionally, they serviced places where food could not be otherwise obtained, such as construction sites, remote locations, etc. They now have morphed into enterprises to avoid renting space, traveling about making supervision and inspection difficult, and taking advantage of either public or private property without compliance to zoning or related ordinances.

    The appropriate government agencies should enforce existing laws, or enact new ones, to stop this exploding misuse of public and private areas by these food trucks, who I believe are only trying to avoid playing by the rules that other people in the food service business are forced to live by.

    1. Becky Sithles says:

      wow, nicely written Tom,errrr…Mr.LaBonge…..errr…’Al’.

  3. nobber says:

    Old Tom is a fat pompous ass.

  4. Marcus says:

    If Tom LaBong is involved, you know something is filthy. Someone must have made a big fat donation, I mean of course RESIDENTIAL streets want the food trucks…what a load of garbage. He and his corruption fest need to hit the bricks.

  5. jameszyoung says:

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