— Oscar Carrillo-Gonzalez is saying that, even though he lied to Pasadena police, he’s not responsible for the death of 19-year-old Kendrec McDade.

“I just want to clarify that I didn’t kill the guy. I didn’t do anything to the guy,” Carrillo-Gonzalez said.

Carrillo-Gonzalez called 911 on March 24 to say that he’d been robbed at gunpoint.

kendrec lavelle mcdade 120326 911 Caller Says Hes Not To Blame For Teens Death In Police Shooting

(credit: CBS)

Pasadena police said they were acting on that information when they shot McDade while he was running from the scene and reaching for his waistband. He died from his injuries.

Officers took the other suspect, a 17-year-old boy, into custody.

Carrillo-Gonzalez later admitted that the suspects were not armed and had taken a backpack out of his car. He said he told police the suspects had guns in order to get officers to respond faster.

The 911 caller is sorry that McDade died but he can’t understand why so many people are acting as if he shot the teen.

“I didn’t tell the guy to get into my car. I am not the guy who shot the guy,” Carrillo-Gonzalez said.

Prosecutors have declined to file involuntary manslaughter charges as they conduct their investigation. He is being held on immigration charges for being in the country illegally.

Carrillo-Gonzalez’s attorney Andres Bustamonte said his client is innocent of the possible charges.

Bustamonte read his client’s testimony, “‘There was a time lapse. I wasn’t present at the scene of the crime. When the officer interviewed me I didn’t even know that the kid who got shot was the one who robbed me.'”

Immigration officials have agreed to wait until this situation is over before deporting Carrillo-Gonzalez.

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  1. RICKY says:

    Throw him back over the fence were he belong’s …… He has no right’s here he was even driving illegally NO LICENSE AMIGO DEPORT NOW!!!!!!

  2. John says:

    Christine, actually when he falsely reported that he was robbed at gunpoint he contributed significantly to this kid getting shot. The police had to go in assuming you had an armed suspect that had already threatened someone else’s life. It escalated the whole thing before the police even found him. There’s a reason why filing a false police report is a crime and situations like this are a prime example of it.

    1. Christina39 says:

      OK I will give you that, but do you really think he was reaching for a gun in his waistband? OK We know he didn’t have a gun, I think he was just running and the cops shot him in the back and the cops are getting too trigger happy. I know there is a major crime problem out there. I am not as liberal as you think, but the cops have been out of control for a long time.

      1. John says:

        I don’t know, that’s for the forensics team to determine. It’s also the reason why forensics investigators are kept independent of the police department. And why the Pasadena Police invited the FBI to investigate the shoot. I do know that the potential danger increased exponentially when the police had to assume that the suspect was armed. Once the word gun was used, they could no longer give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

        Frankly, the fact that the police invited an independent investigation so readily tells me this was a legal, if tragic, shoot. They’re literally building evidence to beat the civil suit that can not be contested as being tainted.

  3. John Ashton says:

    The cops killed this kid. It was wrong to lie about him having a gun, but the officers are clearly at fault. What about those rubber bullets they sometimes used, they knew this was a young person;trying why not talk to him from the police car on the loud speaker you don’t have to murder ever person you stop. Police officers need to show a little more professionalism and concern for the american people regardless of what race the suspect happens to be. This should be reiterated from Washington, the American people of all colors are sick of the poor choices from people of authority.

    1. GROWAPAIR says:

      John Ashton

      You’re a puS$y dumbf**k, talking with your daddy’s balls up your aS$. Yeah, rubber bullets would have worked if the kid had real bullets, puS$y dumbf**k.

    2. Christina39 says:


  4. GROWAPAIR (The Original Computer Gangster) says:


    You’re a puS$y dumbf**k, talking with your daddy’s balls up your aS$. I guess when people get a call of an armed robbery it should be assumed the person reporting the call is a liar and that there are no guns out on the streets, just people with skittles, puS$y dumbf**k.

  5. Eisenhower says:

    This is an illegal alien… who called in a false police report? How do we even know that anyone stole anything at all from him. As I see it, he’s a perpetual liar who is here illegally, living and driving here illegally… and his illegal presence and FAKE POLICE REPORT actually cost an American citizen their life. Carillo-Gonzales should indeed be prosecuted for that, and then deported afterwards. He violated the law by his illegal 911 action and got someone killed. For ever illegal deed, there MUST be a legal consequence, or we become a nation without justice.

  6. William says:

    Making a false police report is punishable with jail time and/or a fine. The 911 caller needs to be held accountable for the outcome of his hate based hysterics.

    1. Karen says:

      Hysterics? They robbed him and it was caught on surveillance video. Shame on the police and the city for trying to scapegoat the victim. PC nonsense.

  7. kay says:

    Soooo christine39, do you have any experience in law enforcement?
    probably not.. So where do you get off making accusations ?
    Were you there? Theses kids were taking things that didnt belong to them!! You are missing the point, these kids were STEALING!!!!! I FEEL BAD FOR THE POLICE OFFICERS because its ignorance such as yours that fuel this type BS. Do me a favor and go on a ride along and get real perspective…..For your sake.

    1. Christina39 says:

      I don’t accept rides from criminals and where does my hate for them come from? I have never committed a crime and don’t intend to but back but in the Antelope Valley, a particular wife of one of the sheriffs didn’t like me. It was as simple as that. It was a petty thing among women and it took me a long time to ffigure out why I was being harrassed by the sheriff’s. Talk about immature as&holes, but they went that one step further. Even though the simple disagreement with the wife ended up with me being her friend, the LA County Sheriffs in the Antelope Valley had already set up in the motion cause for me to get fired. I was fired and lost everything. I ended up getting an apology from the Watch Commander. Why don’t you WAKE UP AND SEE THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE. I HAVE ALWAYS SAID, CBS LA CAN GIVE OUT MY INFORMATION TO THEM AND WE WILL OPEN THIS CASE WIDE OPEN. What a bunch of immature bast@rds. Just unbelievable. Yeepee, I will wait for my ride along

      1. kay says:

        Wow ,Cant believe your willing to generalize every police officer …. These kids robbed someone!! Granted, the caller shouldn’t have lied, but its because he lied that the police officers reacted the way they did . They felt their lives might be in danger!!! geezzzzzz!!!! Yeah im sure you’ll wait, but who will you call if you get robbed?????????? Sounds to me like you’re holding a personal grudge and made up your mind along time ago.. I’m sorry you had so bad christina…But this has nothing to do with you.

  8. Karen says:

    This guy was the VICTIM of a robbery, and it is not his fault that the robber ended up dead. They are tryng to scapegoat him because they do not want AA protestors in their city. This guy would have been better off just letting the thugs steal his laptop.

    1. Christina39 says:

      Exactly! A pig killed a teenager and now on top of it, they want to put a guilt complex on the victiim. They are pieces of work. Worthless pieces of work

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