Mug Shot Of Hot Sister From ‘That 70s Show’ Goes Viral

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The hot sister from “That 70s show” is not so hot anymore.

Lisa Robin Kelly, 42, best known for playing Eric Forman’s (played by Topher Grace) sexy, older blond sister, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of spousal abuse. However, her arrest is not as newsworthy as her mug shot, which has gone viral.

lisa robin kelly 2245501 Mug Shot Of Hot Sister From That 70s Show Goes Viral

Lisa Robin Kelly as she appeared in July of 2000. (credit: Kevin Winter/ImageDirect)

Kelly is pictured with her blond hair disheveled, dark bags under her eyes and some bruising. She does manage, however, to muster up something of a smile for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department booking staff.

Further details of the incident remained unclear, and the identity of Kelly’s spouse is not known.

The actress left the cast of “That 70’s Show” in the third season, according to her IMDB page. She was invited back to the show at the end of the fifth season, but left again at the beginning of the sixth season.

This is not Kelly’s first arrest. In 2010, she was arrested and charged with a DUI, for which she paid a fine and was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation.

“That 70’s Show” starred Grace, Ashton Kutcher (now starring in “Two and a Half Men”), Wilmer Valderrama (the voice of Manny in the Disney series “Handy Manny”) and Mila Kunis, a Golden Globe nominee and Screen Actors Guild award winner for her role as Lily in “Black Swan.”

  • Gertie Botz

    Wow, looks like a speed freak.

  • hollywierd

    …or a dragon chaser. Like a typical freak in denial, she did ‘nothing’, left the house for a while… Roommate (not spouse it seems) then ‘beat himself up’ before going to the police station. Oh, and she’s ‘sober’ and ‘just want[s] to get back to work.’ Mugshot looks kind of like one of Ms. Lohan’s many unrequested head shots….

  • randy

    Can someone explain how this is a headline story?

  • Christina39

    How come mug shots always look so bad?

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  • michael

    Mug shots aren’t photo-shopped…

  • twang

    She should be on those faces of meth mug shots

  • midwest

    Her mug shot calls to mind pictures of people before and after using meth. Hopefully, she isn’t into that – but the picture is troubling.



  • Mike in San Diego


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