Man Shot Dead Inside Harbor City Strip Club, 3 Women Fired Upon Outside

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A man was shot to death inside a Harbor City strip club Sunday, and three women were fired upon inside a car parked next door.

The shooting at the Fantasy Gold Club, 1612 E. Pacific Coast Highway, was reported about 1:50 a.m., Los Angeles police Sgt. Richard Gabaldon of the Harbor Station said.

“There was a dispute; the suspect retrieved a handgun outside, walked in and shot the victim one time in the head,” said Gabaldon.

The twenty-six-year-old victim was declared dead at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. His name was not immediately available.

The suspect was described as a black man in a hooded sweatshirt, with a blue-steel semiautomatic pistol.

About the same time as the strip club shooting, someone opened fire on three women in a car at the Harbor Inn next door.

“A car pulled up and someone began shooting,” Gabaldon said, adding that it was unclear if the shooter was the same as the one who killed the man inside Fantasy Gold.

A woman in the driver’s seat suffered graze wounds to the chest and forehead and was taken to a hospital with stable vital signs. A woman in the passenger seat was cut on her left arm by glass shards sent flying by bullets, and the third woman was unhurt.

Gabaldon said the shooter in the second incident may be the same as the first.

An investigation is ongoing.

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  • sparky

    And nobody’s talking, of course, a sure sign that gang trash was involved.

  • CpnKaos

    I don’t suppose that Sharpton or Jackson will show up to protest racism on this incident.

  • steve

    wearing a hooded sweatshirt maybe it was trayvon

    • Christina39

      No he was murdered by Zimmerman, another nut case with anger issues..

    • Ed Smith

      No, it was trayvons homie!

  • Rick

    Hmmm wearing a hoodie I see…

  • Hardmoney

    Not all people who wear hoodies are criminals, but it seems that most criminals do wear hoodies. They keep you warm and cozy during the commission of a crime…oh, and they conseal your idenity as an added bonus.

  • TG

    I live a block from here and I heard way more shots than what this article is reporting. I heard 5 to seven shots then about less than 1 minute later heard another 5 or so shots, then it was like a firing squad, they opened up, it sounded like a firing range. Very shocked the girls weren’t killed.

    • neighbor

      same here. live down the street and heard it the same way

  • john

    Did the suspect in the Hoodie leave any evidence? like perhap’s a bag of skittles i’m sure it was all a misunderstanding just cuz a black guy in a hoodie and shooting a gun doesnt mean he is a criminal……

    • Christina39

      Does anything about the above sentence make sense. What skittles was the shooter carrying and what gun did Trayvon shoot. Really you’re not even clever or funny, just stupid.

  • Ooops

    Hmmmmm. The Grim Reaper wears a hoodie too !


    Black people never commit crinmes wearing hoddies

  • Larry

    My wife and I were awakened by these gun shots–not loud, but a sound not heard late at night. There were several shots (I guess when he shot the 26 year old) and then a few minutes later several more shots (when he shot up the car). I said, “Someone must be dead after that.” ….the sirens came within a minute. and the helicopter circlings soon ensued.

  • Brandi

    R.I.P Keyon Kiles (the man who was killed) some respect people! Trayvon’s Homie, really?

  • zzzzeeee

    Another afro-bozo murders someone because he was too much of a p*ssy to use his hands.

  • locoallday

    I.I.P. K3… real good men die young…

  • Big_Fat_ Jim

    Another hoodie, no loss to society.

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