Local Man Quits Job After Finding Out He Matched 5 Numbers In Mega Millions Drawing

EL MONTE (CBS) — A local man quit his job at a doughnut shop an hour after finding out that he was among the 29 Californians to match five of the six winning numbers in the Mega Millions drawing.

Lazaro Ramos walked into USA Donuts and Croissant in El Monte on Saturday morning and asked Mike Dinow, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, what the winning numbers were.

“I looked at his ticket and I thought it was a joke. I thought somebody was playing a joke,” reports Dinow, who broke the happy news to Ramos.

Ramos is expected to get $227,955 (to be exact)!

When asked what went through his mind after being told he won — translated from Spanish — Ramos said that he was nervous and very happy.

Ramos, who works at another doughnut shop in Whittier, reportedly quit his job an hour after finding out the good news.

He hopes to return to Guatemala and open up a restaurant.

Meantime, the store that sold the winning ticket is expected to get $1,100.

  • Bruiser

    What a bunch of BS!!! Shouldn’t you have to be a citizen to collect????

    • Gene Silverlake

      Carrieann, I sincerely doubt either he or the employer who would be in trouble for hiring him would say anything to reporters if he were illegal. It’s pretty “stoopid” to make such an assumption based only on language, but it’s just the kind of assumption that an anti-immigrant bigot would make.

    • Whiskey Tango

      If he is an ILLEGAL ALIEN, he must pay more taxes. You should just like voting, should have to show an I.D.

    • Tyler

      Yes you have to be a legal citizen. If he is illegal he should have to forfeit the prize back to the lottery. What a bunch of BS.

      • EG

        There is a possibility he is a LEGAL resident.

    • SoStoopid

      I think i missed the part where they said he wasnt a citizen… Bitter much?

      • Gene in Silverlake

        Bruiser and Carrieann, I sincerely doubt either he or the employer who would be in trouble for hiring him would say anything to reporters if he were illegal. It’s pretty “stoopid” to make such an assumption based only on language, but it’s just the kind of assumption that an anti-immigrant bigot would make.

      • Carrieann

        You ARE SO STOOPID — Anyone who doesn’t speak English and has to have a translator I would bet is NOT a citizen ! Duh!! Anyone born here and grew up here and went to California schools would speak enuff English so they wouldn’t need a translator. Why do you think he wants to go BACK to Guatemala?? Are you THAT STOOPID — do we have to draw a picture for you??

      • Wally's girl!

        My mom and my boyfriends moms along with a lot of people I know can’t speak English but are legal citizens, so much for that theory. Go ahead and make some racial stupid follow up .

      • Yami

        …well, keep the $$$ here! You guys work hard. More then the other group, that collects GR, Sect8 and food stamps. Im gonna see if I can run Mexico and get $225K that Villagoso gets. I dont think so.

      • MD

        What’s keeping them from learning English?

      • Beck

        Yami I agree with you. All those Europeans collecting GR, Foodstamps etc. I work for the DPSS so I see it everyday.

      • CollieMan

        Slightly fan?

    • Sergio

      What the hell does a lottery drawing have to do with citizenship or immigration? And like the gentleman, or lady, before me pointed out, nowhere in the story does it mention what his immigration status is. Our state is GAINING tax dollars from the fact this guy won that money.

      • Legal Citizen


      • sunshine

        You must be a US citizen or a permanent resident allien to collect on lottery winnings.

      • Fed Up Mom

        Most likely, California would find it racist to require ID for the illegal to collect on lottery winnings. It might “hurt someone feelings”.

      • Andrew P.

        @Legal Citizen: You clearly don’t understand how “anchor babies” work. Having the child here does not make the parent a citizen. It makes the child a citizen by birth, and then the government is less willing to deport the parent because it would split up the family. Additionally, so-called “anchor babies” are a source of income (welfare, etc) for the parent.

        To be honest, I don’t like it much either. But getting facts straight will go a long way in a conversation. Additionally, those “anchor babies” are just as much a citizen as you (presumably) or me. Is it inherently their fault their parent is an illegal?

        Additionally, you sound like a real a**-hole. I’m sure you know that though. Unfortunately for you, so does any person who ventures this far into the comments section. Do us all a favor… please go Cobain yourself.

    • Kerl

      not in the state of california! I want to know if this guy is an illeagal!

      • Epo

        Then write a letter and sign some petitions to change things. Commenting here wont change a thing. By the way, a lot of my Polish and Italian neighbors were US citizens and didnt speak much English. Ohhh and then theres that island called Puerto Rico…

      • RJ Samuel

        SAD when the legals cant spell, despite attending our schools. LOL

    • Maggie M.

      Ha ha ha ha!!!!

    • Marcus

      YES you should

    • Sue

      I wanted to leave a comment, Not report…. My comment is: If you go on vacation and purchase from their lottery, if it wins do you have to give it to a citizen????

    • BATO 213

      DONT HATE !!

    • jay woods

      You buy the ticket you win no matter who you are like it or not.Ps i do not think speaking english is a condition to win the lottery

  • Everyday Guy

    The good news is he’s leaving.

    • RJ Samuel

      Bad thing your staying :-(

      • Tami

        RJ maybe he could take you with him?

    • woohoo

      hahahaha nice one everyday guy!

  • concernedCitizen

    How many kids does he have? How much in foodstamps and/or welfare has he collected? Before you naysayers chime in with “you’re jumping to conclusions…you have no proof…” etc. Just investigate. If it’s none, then I’m wrong. But remember the woman in Michigan who won half a million and was still on welfare.

    • Corruption

      I’m sure he has six kids and has collect thousands in welfare and food stamps. They should take out the money from the lottery and give it back to the taxpayers. is that not fair?

      • HEather

        All Of you are sooooo bitter….without a shred of proof you want to throw the guy under the bus. You guys all make me sick!

    • woohoo

      yep yep concerned citizen that lady felt that she didnt have to give up receiving her welfare checks even after she won…pathetic

  • http://propertycloud.co.za/2012/03/local-man-quits-job-after-finding-out-he-matched-5-numbers-in-mega-millions-drawing/ Local Man Quits Job After Finding Out He Matched 5 Numbers In Mega Millions Drawing - Property Cloud

    […] Read the full story and more. […]

  • susan


    • Alpha Kenny Juan

      He could probably buy a piece of land and build his restaurant on it for $60,000, so this amount of money could set him up in business pretty well. He’d still have to work, but if he’s smart with his money – and it sounds like he will be – I think he’ll be okay.

  • http://www.usapress.eu/2012/03/31/local-man-quits-job-after-finding-out-he-matched-5-numbers-in-mega-millions-drawing/ Local Man Quits Job After Finding Out He Matched 5 Numbers In Mega Millions Drawing | USA Press

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  • Epo

    Actually, $228k will go much farther in Guatemala than here in the US. I wish all of the winners good luck and hope that they utilize the money properly.

    • OCMom

      I agree with you. It’s a pitty how these people are so negative and they don’t even know much about this man. I am happy for him regardless.

    • ???

      that’s nice, everybody else is so negative.

    • RJ Samuel

      Thanks for your kind words!

    • juztees

      Very nice put

  • Jacki

    WOW and he is leaving California (thank God), to go spend and MAKE money from our US money (WRONG!!). ILLEGAL is right. I think you should have to show proof of US citizenship to win if you buy lotto tickets. HOPE HE WASTES IT ALL AND GETS ARRESTED TRYING TO COME BACK ACROSS TO BORDER TO MAKE MORE. YOU IN AMERICA THINK DIFFERENTLY, YOU HAVE A BIG PROBLEM. LOOK AROUND AND SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOUR JOBS AND MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jackiforpres

      I agree with Jacki, she’s right, in fact, she may have never been wrong her whole life; you go Jacki…see you at church

  • Rivcuban

    All you envious people are too funny! I have known several Guatemalans and they are generally good, decent people. Get over it!

  • Joel

    Congrats To Him. People Stop the hatred We can not assume hes here illegally just cause he doesnt speak English. If he is here Illegally and cant claimed the prize he can give it to some family member or close friend to claim the prize as long as he didnt sign the back of the ticket.

    • juztees

      So true….Also so tired of all the hate.

  • Rivcuban

    Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy.

    Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.

  • Bruiser

    The bottom line is this You should be a Citizen to win it!!! Also if he is a citizen then I have one word that best describes him LAZY!!! If you live full time in this country then you should learn the language!!! This is at the heart of what is wrong with this, these people come here Illegally, get jobs that Americans should have, send all their money back to there home countries so other Illegals can come here, ohh and in the mean time sign up for public aid that we the tax payers pay for!!! Enough is Enough!!!

    • Points out stupidity

      Bruiser, Seems to me that you are a perfect fit in Donut making business, genuise! See if you can retire, with a great 401K pension, you idiot. This job you speak of, is probably the only he can get , due to his language barrier. But you are definitely a better candidate.

  • reason

    amazing how racist and xenophobic everyone is – but I guess its in our dna – as being so was beneficial for a tribes survival, as a foreign invader could bring about disease and wipe everyone out.

    But in this day and age – man, some of you still behave like cavemen.

    You people dont even know if he was legal or not – and many of you dont understand how the laws regarding getting citizenship through family are such that it encourages people to stay illegal rather than go through the proper channels of being a citizen.

    Thanks for reminding me how stup id so many legal Americans are.

    • OCMom

      Thank you Reason! It’s sad to see how many people are filled with hatred around here.

    • juztees

      Thumbs up reason….Your so right.

  • Born in the U.S.A.!!!

    This is so flipping funny!

    The little illegal is heading back to his little town and taking his little winnings with him.

    He will be back sucking off of us in no time! I wish he would take the other 45 million illegals with him!

    • Bruiser

      AMEN To That!!!! How the hell else did Obama get elected??? Illegals’ Votes!!! That’s how!!!

  • H

    The only thing I have to say…..HATERS!!!!! RACIST!!!!!! Congratulations to Lazaro Ramos!

    • Bruiser

      It would be interesting to see if he is Illegal or not and it ain’t racist to be against Illegal Immigration pal!!!

      • artur

        Bruiser california lottery does not require for someone to be a legal to play the lottery. so stop with your nonsense.

  • Phoebe

    “…translated from Spanish ….He hopes to return to Guatemala and open up a restaurant”.
    I am sure while living here in CA, neither he nor any family members, ever received free health care, welfare benefits or sat in a public school. . . .becaus everyone knows he followed the rules/laws & came here legally, right? I though so…

    • Alpha Kenny Juan

      Phoebe, I’m not sure how much you studied your history books, but in 1954 the U.S. helped to overthrow Guatemala’s democratically-elected president, Jacobo Arbenz, because we were worried that he was going to nationalize the banana plantations owned by United Fruit and we didn’t want a socialist country to close to our border. Nevertheless, our actions are partially responsible for setting off a long civil war in Guatemala. I am sure that if we hadn’t interfered in their democratic process, Guatemala would be much better off, and as a result, there would be fewer Guatemalan immigrants here in the U.S. Why don’t you ask me about how NAFTA has affected Mexican corn growers? Every action we take in Latin America sets off a chain of events, and many of our actions have caused poor folks to flee their countries for our shores.

  • Mike

    I’m sure Lazaro is a nice guy. Congrats to him. Who knows is he’s here legally? The fact that he’s taking his winnings back to his “home country” speaks volumes. Why would he want to stay here? He’s gotten want what he wants. The U.S. makes it very easy to live here and not speak one word of English. Especially California! Here’s some real stats for Gene to ponder. http://www.immigrationcounters.com/ How is he getting that money back to Guatemala? Now there’s a news story.

    • Epo

      What do you mean “how is he getting that money back to Guatemala?” The same way Mitt Romney and the other greedy politicians transfer their money around from their offshore accounts, with a transfer fees. We all know there are immigration issues in this country. Not sure if you all know this, but you can take the immigration test in other languages. Your politicians approved this, not the ‘illegals’ that are trying to do it right. It’s amazing how many people will complain about these issues and do NOTHING about it. Have a problem with ‘anchor babies’ in this country? Then make a call to your reps and challenge the 14th amendment.

  • carla

    a lot of people here are full of envy., and for sure do not know how to respect others, i hope he gets the money, and gets a better job so any American that wants it could take it
    because they keep saying that immigrants take their jobs.
    go apply :)

  • Doug

    White is beautiful.

    • Epo

      I agree, I ‘date’ a lot of white women.

    • RJ Samuel

      So is black, and brown, and red, and yellow. Lets not forget that Doug.

  • ???

    Congrats to him, but I wish it was ME !!!!!! I could have used the $$$ too!!! Oh well.

  • Samantha

    to all of those people that say is wrong to take the money to another country you people are just ignorant because they win and they are free to do whatever they want with the money those ignorant people are just jealous because they did not win so please stop being rude and ignorant to all those winners Congratts! and if your a US citizen and don’t have nothing compared to that amount of money is your fault because that person who make more money than you and is not even from this country!! so next time they open their mouth think about it twice and educate yourselves right!!!

  • Samantha

    that’s right some people think wrong just because of the fact that the winner wants to take his money to a different country! doesn’t mean his illegal that’s why i said educate before publishing something in here

    • Udo

      You claim people are assuming the winner is an illegal, and the fact is, they probably called it right without having to research it further. The illegal problem is so bad and widespread, and the guy works in the US and doesn’t speak English? Come one Samantha. If it walks like an illegal, quacks like an illegal, it’s probably an illegal.

  • Yami

    …Ya ……wow……no CASH INFUSION now for the local economy. The stores and businesses miss out on this big time, and the money goes OUT-OF-THE-COUNTRY for good

    • Udo

      Well we might see some of that money back…..in the form of drugs muled over by illegals as that money will probably find it’s way into the hands of narco gangs used to purchase drugs to sneak into the US, so we will kind of see that $$ back.

    • Tina

      But if a white person uses the money to buy a non-US island or heaven forbid travel the world, you’d be cool with that, right?

  • surfbum

    Once he gets back to his home country he and his family will be a target for robbers, and kidnappers demanding ransom. The publicity here will follow him back to his little sheethole of the world, and the lowlifes will be waiting. The money probably won’t last a year, and we’ll be seeing him in 2013 back at the donut shop.


    $228,000??? How much is he taking home after taxes? You know you still have to pay taxes on Lottery right??

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