PASADENA (AP) — Pasadena police have identified the two officers involved in the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man they had believed to be an armed robbery suspect.

KNX 1070′s Margaret Carrero Reports

Police Chief Phillip Sanchez says in a statement Friday that veteran officers Jeffery Newlen and Mathew Griffin have been placed on paid leave pending the investigation.

Sanchez says the officers shot and killed Kendrec McDade late Saturday after responding to a report of an armed robbery that later was determined to be false. Sanchez says McDade made a motion at his waistband and the officers, fearing for their lives, opened fire.

Police say Oscar Carrillo admitted that he lied about the thieves being armed in a 911 call so officers would respond faster.

Carrillo was arrested for investigation of involuntary manslaughter in McDade’s death. Prosecutors have been weighing whether to file charges.

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Comments (17)
  1. DrBob says:

    the standard defense ” I feared for my life” If this tis so, then these scary cops that have over worked this cop-out are in the wrong line of work.

  2. Alan Hart says:

    Thugs with guns. The only difference between street gangs and the police is the uniforms.

  3. Shane Holland says:

    One of those officers basically did a drive by on this kid.

  4. BIG JOHN says:

    like i said before the guy was only trying to hold up his pants, the cops should not try to blame the one who made the call for what they did. now every one knows the cops do not show up when you call unless you say something crazy . like if you were robbed and call the cops they might show up at some point that day but if someone calls & say the gunman is still there then they will be there in a snap. so what are you to do when you need them ?

  5. jack says:

    “made a move for his waistband”, c’mon, do they expect us to believe that? It doesn’t even sound right. That’s the excuse you hear time and time again, along with “he lunged at me”. Cops have used it for years. Why would he go for his waistband when there was nothing there? What does a person carry in their waistband? He had no weapons, what, did he decide to adjust his pants at that critical moment?

  6. gbb says:

    F tha police!!! They are Liars and kill minorities and always lie!!! This should be national news too. It is crazy how the police are able to kill black kids and use this lame excuse and get away with murder.
    God bless the memory of that young man and I hope the officers go to jail for this. It is not lawful to shoot from your police car!!! This is BS

  7. MIKE says:

    i’am latino and used to gang bang but i no longer do.i dropped-out when all the homies started dressing like,acting like, blacks. LOL

  8. Robert Campbell says:

    Bunch of morons blaming the police every time an officer is involved in a shooting. You are all laughable. And I won’t be checking back for new comments 🙂

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