LOS ANGELES (CBS) — City lawmakers on Wednesday moved to raise the stakes in the search for whoever may be behind the gruesome beheading of two large dogs.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports a motion by City Council members Paul Koretz and Jan Perry received unanimous approval for a $20,000 reward to help apprehend those responsible.

Patrol officers found the heads of a chocolate Labrador Retriever mix and a tan Shepherd mix inside a dumpster behind the CVS Pharmacy on South Vermont and West Slauson avenues.

Investigators from the LAPD Animal Cruelty Task Force determined that the dogs’ heads had been clearly severed from their bodies with a sharp object. The bodies of the dogs were not found.

Perry said evidence shows the perpetrator — who authorities believe severed the dogs’ heads at one location and then traveled to the dumpster to dispose of the heads — is likely a sociopath or otherwise mentally disturbed.

“A crime against an animal is often an indicator of a pattern of violence,” Perry said.

While it remains unclear whether the beheadings are linked to dog fighting, LAPD Commander Andy Smith said the threat may not be limited to those with paws and claws.

“Many serial killers have been found to have in their past cruelty to animals just like the one we have here,” said Smith.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich said the perpetrator would likely be prosecuted as a felony by the District Attorney’s Office.

The reward total includes $10,000 from the city and $2,500 each from the Humane Society, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Best Friends Animal Society. Koretz said he would also contribute $2,500 of his own money.

Anyone with information about the beheadings was urged to call the LAPD Animal Cruelty Task Force at (213) 486-0450.

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Comments (7)
  1. susan says:

    i think the neighborhood needs to be watchful..a person who would do this to a dog will also likely start looking for human victims..studies have shown children who mistreat or kill animals often keep escalating that behavior into adulthood..the two breeds of dogs mentioned here are not prone to be fighters nor vicious,more family oriented..

  2. luckyfela1 says:

    There is a possibility that these dogs were used for FOOD. Asian people and Mexicans like dog meat. However, I know that mexicans and spanish peoples would actually use the head for food too, so I don’t know.
    It’s possible that some homeless people had no food and used these poor dogs as food. That said, the common opinion is that this is a crime of animal cruelty.
    There could be other reasons, like maybe the dogs were pets, and the owners were kicked out of their house through foreclosure, and rather than turn them in to the animal shelters, they beheaded them quickly, disposing of the parts in different areas. who knows. what do you think?

    1. It's a blur says:

      Perhaps aliens came down laser beamed their heads off and then used the bodies to create fuel in order to return to their mother ship.

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