Nightclub Performer Beaten By Vandals, Suffers Trauma To Head

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Los Angeles nightclub performer suffered a critical head injury Monday when he confronted vandals who had been tampering with his car in the Jefferson Park area, police said.

The violence took place outside a club on Adams Boulevard east of La Brea Avenue around 12:30 a.m., said Sgt. C. Brown of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Southwest Station.

“The victim is a performer at a club, and a the conclusion of a show he was informed his vehicle was vandalized,” Brown said, adding that the man approached the vandals and was struck, suffering blunt force trauma to the head.

There were at least two assailants, Brown said. He said the victim was either struck on the head or fell on his head while struggling with them, he said.

The victim, a man of around 30, was in critical condition at Cedars Sinai Medical Center but his vital signs were stable, Brown said.

Some witnesses were taken to the Southwest Station to be interviewed while detectives remained at the scene pursuing leads.

  • Did I miss something?

    Two men from Mars came to Earth and beat down a nightclub performer. The Martians were attempting to extract the platinum from the nightclub performer’s vehicle’s catalytic converter. Platinum is the fuel source of the Martians’ interplanetary vehicle and they were simply looking for fuel to get home, back to Mars.

    Go in peace, Martians. Live long and prosper.

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