Church Members Wear Hoodies As Call For Justice In Trayvon Martin’s Death

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Members of a Southern California church are joining the many voices across the nation calling for justice in the death of Trayvon Martin. The unarmed African American teen was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida. The gunman has not been charged in the incident.

Community members gathered at Trinity Church of Los Angeles Sunday to discuss the the racially-charged shooting at the event, “Hoodies For Justice: Trayvon Martin”.

Corey Brown, 20, came to join hands with the community to pray for healing, call for justice and discuss racial tensions.

“We just want to stand up for him,” Brown said.

On the day Martin was shot he was walking home from the store. Neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman began following Martin and called 911 to report him as “suspicious”. The teen was reportedly unarmed and was carrying a bag of Skittles candy. Zimmerman told police that Martin confronted him and he shot the teen in self-defense. But Martin’s family says he was targeted because of his race. The Washington Post reports that Zimmerman’s father is white and his mother is Hispanic.

The police department in Sanford, Florida, has been criticized for not arresting Zimmerman.

trayvon martin2 Church Members Wear Hoodies As Call For Justice In Trayvon Martins Death

(credit: CBS)

Organizers of the “Hoodie” event released the following statement:

“Although an isolated incident, his violent death serves as a reminder that injustice is alive and well in 2012, and we – as a community – cannot afford to lose another young person of color under such conditions without our voices being heard and appropriate action taken.”

Attendees were asked to wear a hoodie in response to a comment made by FOX News commentator Geraldo Rivera that Martin wearing a hoodie was as much to blame for his death as Zimmerman.

“There’s a lot of young African American men that always wear hoodies…out on the street, they look at us as a part of a gang or something,” Brown said.

Bishop Craig Worsham said he wants Sunday’s event to be an ongoing dialogue with the community, and that there would be more events to ensure it.

  • Bruiser

    Why is it just another young person of color that would be a tragedy??? Bottom line is we weren’t there so we don’t know what happened!!! Although very tragic, if that is what the stand your ground law states then the law should be changed!!! Why is this a racist thing at all???

    • Brian

      Another black shot, so what.

    • hot ashley



      case closed

      • lb punk rock

        I’m def not surprised. It’s the anti-white media doing their best to push this sh!t to the enth degree, even though zimmerman is brown. Look, blacks are simply fng ret@rds that don’t deserve to be in this country. their lives are crime, rapes, murder, etc.

        Time to flush the turds down the toilet.

    • O_O

      It shouldn’t be a race thing, Bruiser, but that is the card blacks and hispanics typically play in these situations. Instead of the fact that Martin may very well have been acting suspicious that night his family wants to believe and say that Zimmerman targeted him for his color. Gimme a break. If a black man or woman assaults me or if an hispanic man or woman insults me does that mean they targeted me for being white? Of course it doesn’t. Besides, us white people are not allowed to play the race card. We’re supposed to just accept it when bad terrible things happen to us. We don’t get to blame somebody….

      • big boobed jen

        zimmerman is brown skinned. He’s not white. He has brown eyes, dark hair and his skin is brown.

        He defended himself.

        End of story.

      • craig

        it is a race thing in that the man was not arrested and than let the courts handle it.can you picture a 28 years old black man shooting a white kid he outweighs by 100 pounds not going to jail?

      • O_O

        @ Publius – As a white person what should I have said differently? US lighter-skinned people? US Caucasians? WE non-colored people? You call it being a collectivist idiot, but I simply call it what it is – reality. I’m white. I use the word “us” to imply other white people. Have you not learned that in school yet? Let me know when you get to that chapter, Publius, and I’ll give you another lesson in forming sentences.

      • Publius

        “…Besides, us white people…”. Collectivist idiot, O_O

    • Average Gal

      Due process. We know that there is an unarmed child who is dead and the killer is still on the streets, and has not yet been arrested or charged with any crime.

      I think Zimmerman deserves due process, and if he’s found innocent then let him go free. The problem here is that the police department has dragged there feet and have accepted Zimmerman’s version of events without conducting a thorough investigation into the facts, and would not have arrested or charged Zimmerman at all absent the public outcry.

      Treyvon Martin didn’t get a fair shot when Zimmerman played jury, judge and executioner.

      • big boobed jen

        I completely DISAGREE UglyGal.

        Trayvon has been found out to be attacking zimmerman by an eye witness.

        The plot has turned.

      • Karen

        I completely agree Average Gal. I want Zimmerman charged so he can face a judge and jury. That is what Trayvon Martin’s parents want too. I bought a bag of skittles and a bottle of ice tea this evening. I am going to put them on my desk at work. They will stay there until Trayvon Martin gets justice.

      • O_O

        Sure, I get due process, but are you serious? Do you really think the police are dragging their feet and that NO investigation is under way? If that’s what you think then you’re being pretty ignorant. Just because the police don’t go out and tell the press or even the family all the minute details of their investigation does not mean that it’s not happening. They don’t give the details in ANY investigation so why should this one be any different? Why should the police jeopardize anything they’ve learned just to appease you, me, or anyone? That’s not how it works. And if their investigation finds that Zimmerman didn’t break any law then we should respect that decision just as much as you want us to respect due process and the end result in a trial. This is 2012; not 1963.

  • Rick Moore

    Why are you running a picture of Martin taken when he was 12? You know that’s not what he looked like the night of the shooting, but I guess it fits the narrative.

    • Average Gal

      The picture of Treyvon Martin on the night he died was too graphic to show.

      • big boobed jen

        zimmerman used self defense

  • John

    How idiotic. They’ve decided that Zimmerman is guilty of a racist crime, when they know very very little of the facts, or his account of what occured, only the inciteful spin of the media, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson.

    Whatever happend to guilty until proven innocent. How about waiting until more of the facts come out and are reported, before you come to judgment. This is nothing but angry mob rule.

    Those accusing Zimmerman without knowing the facts, and blowing this up into such a huge thing, are actually the ones practicing racism.

    • big boobed jen

      why was trayvon on top of zimmerman? that’s what the witness said.

      • icecream

        Trayvon was defending himself. He was fighting hard, trying to save his life. Zimmerman was stalking Trayvon.

      • Desiree

        Regardless of what Zimmerman says, 911 tapes prove that he was the one who initially created an altercation. He chased Trayvon after the dispatcher told him not to. Wouldn’t you feel threatened if a stranger was chasing you? I know I would. Reports from other witnesses paint Zimmerman as a nutty control freak. Members of the gated community have had issues with him at watch mtgs. He was a person with a gun that was desperate for a chance to use it. To be honest, I think he would’ve done it to any young kid with a hoodie who “looked suspicious”. I’m sure being black didn’t help, but if it wasn’t Trayvon it would’ve been someone else at a later time. He was itching to shoot. I’d be really interested to see a psych eval on this guy. Whether or not Trayvon bashed his head in is irrelevant at this point. If Zimmerman never stalked him, there wouldn’t have been an issue. Period. Now another kid is dead because of the nut-jobs we have in this world. Here in NJ-my husband and son are Trayvon martin. Rest his soul.

    • Average Gal

      Zimmerman decided Trayvon Martin was guilty of a crime on the shot the unarmed child and played judge, jury and executioner.

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  • aj

    I agree with john, without full facts its all assumptions, modern day witch hunt. With further stories available there were claims of an assault by Martin, hence no police arrest of Zimmerman. I honestly could believe it would all been a mistake and civil court will handle that, but again more facts will support my judgement for any criminal charges.

    @average Gal, ignorance is bliss, you play judge, jury with prejudgment

    • big boobed jen

      brown skin zimmerman used self defense

    • Average Gal

      Zimmerman played judge, jury and executioner on the night he viciously shot and killed an unarmed child. You conveniently ignore this fact.

      There were eyewitnesses available who disproved Zimmerman’s account of the events, and who came forward to police but were turned away.

      When do the police turn away eyewitnesses? This sounds like obstruction of justice to me on the part of the local Florida police department.

  • uhoh

    Bunch of clowns on this thread, Killing an unarmed PERSON of any COLOR is murder. Zimmerman needs to be charged.

  • A Mother Who Prays

    Some of the comments posted here shows just what is wrong with America and why racism and hate will never go away. Since when is it a crime to be black while outside? None of this would have happened if Zimmerman would have listened to the police when they told him not to follow and stay in his vehicle. I wish he would have listened, Trayvon Martin would still be alive. Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin and this is why the incident occurred. The only other witness to what happened is dead, and we are supposed to blindly believe Zimmerman at his word? If the police would have done their job from the start and conducted a proper investigation, there would not be a need for the Feds or the DOJ to step in. As a woman and a mother with a adult son, I have cried and prayed since this has happened. It hurts to have to worry that when your children leave your sight, you have to worry that they may never return. All with negative comments, try to imagine how Trayvon’s parents feel, a young man is dead. I continue to pray for all involved, the Martin family, even Zimmerman, no one wins when something like this happens.

    • joe schmoe the doe

      The witness says otherwise

      • icecream

        What “witness” is saying that ?

    • O_O

      So if Zimmerman was a black man would you and Average Gal and others like you guys be saying what you’re saying? Would the family think Trayvon was targeted? You all know the answer to that question and it’s NO. So, pray tell, just who’s making this a race thing? Just who is bring racism into this ACCIDENT? It’s only because Zimmerman is a white man does the Martin family and idiots like you think he was targeted. Since when is it a crime to be a WHITE man defending himself?

      • Publius

        O_O, you are either a very dense individual, or are intentionally muddying the waters on an issue which should be so manifestly clear to everyone. A perceived injustice took place against a young, unarmed black youth. Just what was Zimmerman defending himself against??? Was Trayvon Martin going to hit him with his bag of skittles candy??? He was unarmed. Also, blacks have been targets of discrimination since this country was founded. So why would it surprise you or anyone if this turns out to be another case of racial profiling, this time with tragic consequences? This issue merits a certain gravitas, O_O, and especially some common sense.

      • Average Gal

        The crime occurred when Zimmerman specifically targeted the child because of that child’s race because he called the innocent child a “c00n” prior to the stalking, accosting of the child against the directions of the 911 operator, and viciously shooting the young child who suffered death due to being a certain hue…seems the crime here was racially motivated and the person who committed the hate crime is still walking on the streets and hasn’t been arrested yet.

        This is problem…if it is self-defense, charge Zimmerman and make him prove the affirmative defense in court.

    • John

      The fact they boy was killed was awful, but nobody knows what took place during the incident. Assuming it was racially motivated is just as ignorant as any of the comments made here. Especially when people of color that live near Zimmerman have said that he never acted in a racist manner.

      It’s not that the death doesn’t need to be investigated. It’s that people in the media are trying to assign a motive without knowing the facts. If Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson want to say this was racially motivated, then I challenge them to interview the man and speak to him first. It’s not their place to judge a person they have neither met nor spoken to about why he behaved the way he did. People are far to willing to pass snap judgements without getting any of the facts beyond what is reported by one skewed organization or another. That’s why they search so hard for people not exposed to media hype to serve on a jury.

  • Rodman Jones

    lol, why does everyone have to make a big ole “Black Thang” out of it? Always thge race card!

    • big boobed jen

      Because race hustlers like jessie jackson want a pay day.

    • Average Gal

      George Zimmerman made it a “black” thing, so your question would be best posed to GZ..

  • hot ashley





    case closed

    • icecream

      That makes him WHITE.

  • lb punk rock

    Had a feeling that race hustlers like jessie j@g-off and half wit al notsharpton would show up in all of this. They are the clowns of the afr0 b0z0 community.

    They are also two of the sickest sc(_)mbags out their that hate white folk.

    Why aren’t the media talking about that poor mis. college president kid who got shot by 3 blacks?

    Or the wichita massacre where 5 blacks poured acid on white couples bodies and burned them alive???


  • Everyday Guy

    “Trayvon?” Who makes up these dumb names? Is there a Shaniqua in the family?

  • MIKE

    i noticed that blacks are moving more and more into white neighborhoods.demanding everyone listen to their music,dress like them,act like them,talk like them.and that’s not going to happen.

    • Desiree



    Just one moment , who was stalking who & if this kid was trying to defend himself from a stalker & now you want to defend this stalker who took this boys life ? how about if it was your son being stalked ? this kid tried to get away from this guy but it did no good . he was 17 years old & tried the best he could & when that did not work he turned & gave it the best fight he could , he was holding his own & would of given a wiping to this stalker but the coward pulled a gun & the kid lost . now you want to defend this coward ? this coward should of man up & taken the wiping he had coming for being a stalker !


    Should you have to stop & explain when walking down the street why you are on that street & if you happen to be wearing a hoodie for what ever reason should you have to worry you are going to lose your life ? when i go fishing & i wear my hoodie do i now have to worry that someone is going to shoot me. the kid was being stalked & he stood his ground so it was he who was in the right not this coward . the boy stood his ground & was more of a man thin this coward so many of you are defending . you all need to man up.

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