Hart High School Seniors Launch Viral Campaign Asking Katy Perry To Prom

NEWHALL (CBS) — Hart High School seniors are hoping their “Teenage Dream” comes true with a performance by Katy Perry at their prom.

A group of seniors, led by Kevin Wong and friends, launched the “Katy Perry for Hart Prom!!” project in February.

“This project isn’t an ordinary project. This project consists of getting Katy Perry, THE Katy Perry, to come play at Hart (High School) Prom 2012. Now what you’re about to see is how we try to achieve our goal,” Wong said in a YouTube video.

The social media effort is encouraging students to Tweet the singer, using hash tag #KPatHart, in addition to creating as much buzz as possible on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

To date, the “Katy Perry for Hart Prom!!” Facebook page has 579 likes, while their YouTube video has been viewed more than 1,200 times.

The senior class has also made shirts for sale asking Perry to the prom.

The school will hold their prom on May 19.


    The mass Bullsh!t that has come to rule social media.

  • Ernie Johnson

    It sems that so many of the people and media following this think that the kids want Katy Perry to play for free. Not true. They have raised money since they were freshman to put on their prom. It was scheduled to be at the Ronald Reagan Library but for some reason they are having it at a local hotel. They have offered over $20k to Katy Perry through her agent to perform and still no commitment. Very disapointing. Does she not realize that for an hour of her time is worth millions in good publicity. She can take her appearance fee and donate it to her favorite charity and look like a HERO. But guess not. There will be a big name artist performing at the Hart Prom. Whether or not its Katy Perry is left to be determined. Do the right thing.

  • http://propertycloud.co.za/2012/03/hart-high-school-seniors-launch-viral-campaign-asking-katy-perry-to-prom/ Hart High School Seniors Launch Viral Campaign Asking Katy Perry To Prom - Property Cloud

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