2 Gay Men Arrested For Having Sex With Each Other On Cruise Ship In The Caribbean

LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  Two men, both from southern California, were arrested for having sex with each other on a gay cruise ship in the Caribbean, according to officials.

People in West Hollywood were shocked at the international arrests. Said one woman, “Why would the company even take you there if that was a risk.” One man said, “That doesn’t make any sense.”

The men were on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship that was docked in the tiny country of Dominica.

Sodomy, or as it’s called in Dominica “buggery,” is illegal there. The men were arrested for “buggery,” but have only been charged with indecent exposure, apparently a lesser charge.

The two men were having sex, in their cabin aboard the ship, according to travel agent Jess Kalinowsky. He said, “their drapes were open.”

Kalinowsky booked several clients on the same ship. Apparently someone on the dock saw it and complained. Authorities arrested John Hart, 41, and Dennis Mayer, 43, — both men from the Southland.

Kalinowsky said, “Number one, the travel agent should have told their clients about these destinations. And number two, Atlantis should have told the clients about the destinations. And number three, the clients should have kept their windows shut.”

Kalinowsky said he believes gay people should avoid four key areas in the Caribbean due to homophobic laws. “Never Jamaica, never the Cayman Islands, never the Bahamas, and never Dominica,” he said.

If the men are found guilty, they face a $370 fine and six months in jail.

  • Sandra

    With all of the people who go missing on cruise ships and all of the rapes and missing people cases that get swept under the rug by cruise lines, it’s pathetic that they are worried about 2 gay men having sex. They paid to go on the cruise, what they choose to do in their cabin is their business! Newsflash.. Its 2012 people, yes LGBT people exist all around the world and yes they have sex just like the rest of us! Shocker!



    • Kattkins

      It’s not their business once they leave the drapes open, exhibitionist style, for the entire world to see. Are you saying LGBT people lack common sense or should be exempt from the same indecent exposure laws everyone has to abide by?

    • bathtimemommaYATES

      ALL ABOARD; time for some serious gay-bash!

    • There I said it.

      Donking your buddy in a foreign country is not acceptable there, or here, or anywhere you freak.

      Because you can’t get sex from a woman is not a reason to feel that it’s acceptable to get it from a man.

      Maybe in jail, or prison. Nowhere else.

      • Trevor

        You forgot the Royal Navy

    • the truth helps

      I have gay sex all the time and actually it is quite natural to me. If god didn’t want me to have gay sex he never would have put the desire there, right? you say the truth hurts, well that is my truth and as for normal, I am quite glad I am not your kind of normal, thank you very much. I have a great relationship with both my god and my sexual organs. Jesus loves me too, I don’t need your acceptance! Now I have to go have some gay anal sex with the windows open….anyone care to watch?

      • BrandonN

        If you have gay sex in the privacy of your own home, hotel room, or wherever, that’s your business. If you put your sex on display, you deserve to be arrested and prosecuted. Same deal if you were putting hetero sex on display for everyone.

    • Christina39

      Actually you hurt. Why don’t you move to east Texas with your 3rd education.

    • http://vaharleygirl.wordpress.com vaharleygirl

      News flash – plenty of heterosexuals have anal & oral sex. Can’t be that abnormal.


      I agree what ever goes on in their cabin is their but in that case they were outside hence “PUBLIC”.

  • Samantha

    Newsflash – It’s 2012 and regardless of the laws in YOUR country, you must respect and adapt to the laws of any other country you plan to visit. Do your research. If you don’t, you only have yourself to blame – not the travel agent, cruise line, or anyone else – have some accountability people. It’s not like you were taken to a surprise destination, you knew where you were going. Do your own research, it isn’t that difficult!

    • the truth hurts

      exactly right!

  • Sanityforus

    Newsflash Samantha When your ON a cruise ship ‘technically’ your ON the grounds of whatever country it’s from. So this case will have a ‘short’ shelf life baby.

    • prxam2

      A ship and all those on it become fully subject to the laws of the relevant country once they enter into its territorial waters. Stands to reason! A ship is not an embassy!!!

    • Hailian

      Newsflash to you Sanityforus……there is such a thing as a country’s waters. And that is still under the jurisdiction of the said country. So the same way the coast guard can arrest people on a country’s waters for illegal activity, is the same way the men could have been arrested for indecent behavior on the ship.

      Educate yourself.

  • greg

    If they didn’t leave the drapes open, probably hoping someone would see them this wouldn’t be an issue, that’s why even though they want to be equal in all ways their own flamboyance gets them in trouble. Stop the gay pride parades where they dress as flamboyantly as possible, stop running around in a jock strap like in San Francisco, and stop doing things to get attention and you’re equal, now you’re BUSTED

    • straight girl

      maybe you should stop writing comments and walking around in all your non-flamboyant clothing and looking for attention.
      if you don’t like san francisco don’t go there. what about the st patrick’s day parade. how DARE they wear green! and don’t get me started on the 4th of july parade… who do they think they are, celebrating the country that was founded on FREEDOM.

      • Mary

        Here is the fact, these men were live on the balcony…How about we stop bashing the citizens of said country for simply wanting to uphold their laws, which i commend the officers for doing. Secondly why don’t we condemn these two men for knowingly breaching the laws of that country?

      • bathtimemommaYATES

        LAW is “the MAN”

  • Chuey

    And what exactly is a gay cruise ship? a ship more flamboyant and colorful than a standard sea going vessel perhaps?

    • lyn

      ok pplmaybe they should start having drug dealers cruises too or murderers cruises or adultery cruises tooo…what do you all think…it.is immoral cruises we having already so let immorality reign

  • Linton

    The travel agent is not telling the truth. The guys left their rooms and came out on the balcony in full view of the public. And did their activities live.
    They could have stayed in their cabins.

    • Christina39

      I hope you enjoyed the gay cruise because unless you were there you are the only person who knows this information. Bon Voyage! Maybe you can get a package deal!

      • Sharon

        The curtains were not open, these guys were not in their bedrooms. They were out on the balcony of their cabin engaging in buggery. The ship was dock in close proximity to the boulevard. I saw it live. It was disgusting and shameful that to adults would engage in such activity in the public open that children walking along the road could see. They were not in their rooms/cabin they were outside on their balcony.

        Get your facts straight

      • Linton

        I am actually from the Dominica, And was on scene at the time. The information are being twisted on the international media. we respect every body and the laws of other countries. Our laws should be respected also. Public sex is against the law in every country.

      • Dominican

        I was there and saw them they were on the balcony having sex there was a crowd of people standing outside watching

    • lyn

      i was just about to post this information..because these ppl have been misinformed..they were actually in plain view on the balcolny…pppl made videos of it..the proof will surely be made public.

  • lyn

    we do not have an out of control birth rate mam..get ur facts right!

  • dbh

    For the record, being gay and gay sex is not illegal in the Bahamas. Gays actually have the right to serve in the Bahamian military.

  • antoinette

    christina u need to get ur facts together and worry abt privacy aint no one regardless of ur sexual prefrences need to be showing everything they could have close the window or blinds…

  • Dominicasource

    As it stands the island has laws which prohibits two men/women having sexual intercourse publicly. The men were told about the laws yet they went ahead and did it and that’s what infuriating the people of Dominica. Members of the gay community are welcome to Dominica’s shores all that is required of them is to respect the laws of the land. It is also reported that even the ship management were surprised by the actions of the two men after being told about the laws. Dominica is among other islands such as the bahamas,cayman islands,and jamaica where this law exist. Dominica is the nature island of the world and welcomes everyone despite their sexuality to its shores providing that its laws are respected.

  • Sabrina B.

    I have read all the comments and it is surprising to see such hurtful comments levelled against Dominicans in general.
    Can someone please tell me of one place in the USA where it is lawful to have sex in public, where there are no consequences? It is absurd to make this just a gay ‘thing’ – it was disrespectful and would have been equally disrespectful if it was a heterosexual couple. The only difference here is that buggery is against the law in Dominica. It is an indictable offense. Prior to 2003 the same laws existed in many US states. Wave your rainbow flag proudly but please be fair in your judgments.

  • Totti Johnson

    lol, wow thats kinda crazy dude, I mean like seriously? give the dudes a break.

  • George Nash

    Those little buggers!

  • Gregs

    oh wow my country is seen as being bad just 4 enforcing it’s laws, now if these guys were robbed down here or any other crime was done against them and the authorities did not act it would have been a different story

    • lyn

      you are so right gregs…so right…and see how they twisted the story to suit their purpose

  • Sarah

    i think the only thing wrong here is that they had their drapes open. gay or not, you need to keep sex private. it doesnt matter what country you are in, you will be arrested for indecent exposure.

    and by the way, no one needs to tell you that, i dont believe the agency should tell you what you should already know. Sex= Private


    • Know The Facts

      As stated in the previous comments, the arrest was made due to the fact that the men were engaging in a sexual act in public. The fact that they were gay, straight or bi does not matter. They were being charged with public indecency and not “being gay.”

      Everyone has rights and in this case they gave up their rights by choosing to disregard the laws set forth in the country. This would be the case anywhere in the world. Not just our “small” island.

      They were on the balcony of the ship and there were several witnesses so, unfortunately, it was not just a matter of pulling their drapes!

  • http://vaharleygirl.wordpress.com vaharleygirl

    IF on a balcony – shame on them. As others mentioned, public sex like that would be an issue regardless of the genders involved.

    IF in their *room* – I do wonder if hetero couples have been arrested & charged in the past. I know a few couples that get a thrill at being watched – and most people wouldn’t throw a hissy fit about it, simply look the other way.

    • Mary

      they were port side, on the balcony…I am so upset with the way this has been sensationalized by American Media…and now these two men have gotten their 15 minutes of fame and are trying to paint a negative image of our ‘tiny’ island. Gay cruises have docked here before and nothing like this has every happened. By all reports the men had an enjoyable time here and were not discriminated against in any way. Furthermore, if this was just a matter of being gay, a lot more of the tourists should have been arrested. I think they did it with purpose and intent…right now I don’t believe anything that America news reports

    • lyn

      they were not in their rooms…no one’s eyes are that good to see that far…they were on the balcony saw it with my own eyes

  • Tyler

    Good lock them up.

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  • tom prius

    prob with gays , just cause they are they think everyone schould be . they even push it to teach little kids in school hey gay is allright , grow up to be gay ,

    • Abdul Keddou

      The heterophobic gay supremacists are taking over the school system, but no matter how much they try to indoctrinate NORMAL kids, teenagers and pre-teens STILL use the term GAY as a synonym for LAME.

      The PC gay indoctrinators are fighting against NATURE…

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    […] a gay cruise ship docked in the Caribbean island nation of Dominica after someone on shore saw them allegedly having sex in their cabin and […]

  • Abdul Keddou

    If these perverts weren’t such and not had their curtains OPEN then NOBODY would have known they were getting it on and they would NOT have been arrested.

    You gay DRAMA QUEENS need to get over your narcissistic SELVES…LOL

  • http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/03/22/couple-pleads-guilty-after-arrests-on-gay-cruise-in-dominica/ Couple Pleads Guilty After Arrests On Gay Cruise In Dominica « CBS Los Angeles

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  • Dominicasource

    update: Both men were fined EC$2400 approximately US900.00 each. They pleaded guilty and said that they only came to the island to have a good time and humbly apologize for their actions.

  • The Truth Hurts

    According to your INTELLIGENT ANALOGY, then…. If God didn’t want Innocent Children to be raped the desire would not exist for rapist and if God didn’t want people to be tortured and murdered the desire would not exist for serial killers, if God didn’t want women to be physically abused then the desire would not be there for their abusers…. and to rapists, abusers, murderers,etc…. they ALL feel it is QUITE NATURAL TOO!…. So according to you YOUR GOD is for RAPE, MURDER, TORTURE AND ABUSE Right?

  • Stance

    They were not in their room!!!!!!!!!
    THe individuals were on the BALCONY!
    THat is just disrespectful.
    You go to a country you abide by their rules.

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