APPLE VALLEY (CBS) — Eight middle school students were rushed to the hospital Monday after they ingested a dangerous prescription medication.

Officials say a girl brought a drug, similar to Valium, to school, and passed it out to other students. Eight children who took the drug suddenly became lethargic and appeared to be in an altered state.

Paramedics were called and they were all rushed to a hospital, where they were treated and released.

The children were seventh and eighth grade students at the Phoenix Academy, a public school in Apple Valley.

Four of the students involved were back at school Tuesday, but at least one does not plan to return to Phoenix Academy.

Officials are deciding whether there could be criminal charges.

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  1. LeAnn says:

    I was watching the father on the news at 6:00 pm saying that there is no security at the school. I’m a mother of to kids that attend Phoenix Academy and have for the last 4 years and there has been nothing but problems at this school! My daughter comes home everyday telling me about how kids smoke weed during school hours behind the dumpsters and try to get other kids including her to smoke with them. The kids are high during class the teachers do nothing about it! There is a HUGE problem with bullying at this school as well, My daughter being a victim several times, being jumped on the bus by 6 girls whom of which got no more then a don’t do it again. I have talk to the school personal several times and NOTHING ever gets done! As far as what the Principal said about having cameras on campus, well that is her answer for everything! She has told me on many occasions we have cameras all over the school and unless we catch the crimes on camera there’s no proof. The students know where these cameras are and do everything to avoid being on them, this is how my daughter has been bullied, beat up, and offered drugs! This is a big problem at this school all the parents know the ones I’ve talked to have all tried to talk to the school personal and the same outcome every time is NOTHING!! I wish the media would address this on going problem and maybe save some of our kids form the evil that goes on at this school!

  2. greg says:

    we all went to school and there were always people smoking either weed or cigarettes by the dumpsters, since dumpsters were invented, that’s not a big deal, as for security and today, if a kid brings a small vial of pills to school and hands one to each of her friends school security wouldn’t stop it anyhow, not until the kids started looking loaded, so again, not relevant for today, Our schools today suck, they are understaffed and overloaded (students not drugs) and as long as you as a parent spend time with your kid making sure she does homework and studies on her own the teachers today aren’t given to tools to teach, just direct, and it will NOT change as long as illegal kids crowd the classrooms and especially any kid who is there but has no direction at home and is a distraction, just accept it

    1. LeAnn says:

      Yes smoking has been around forever that does not make it right!! My point about that is the school claims they have enough security and yet kids are still getting high at school come on you mean “all” that staff cant smell it!? I have no problem with my children doing homework so that is irrelevant to what i was saying. I teach Both my Son and Daughter right from wrong as well as respect! That does not stop them from being offered drugs at school, Its just they know to say NO! My point before was that its not only drugs that are they problem its the bulling that goes on and the fact that when you address the problems with the staff NOTHING GETS DONE!! As far as accepting it, that I will not do!!

  3. greg says:

    if you teach your kids right from wrong, and to say NO to drugs and cigarettes, etc. than trust them to do the right thing even if the school won’t, and if you are helping with homework, etc. than again trust that they are in school for the right reasons and will do well, as for bullying, again, has always been a problem and if they either ignore the bully OR fight back just 1 time the bully will find someone else, lets face it, what makes a bully tough is the victim who doesn’t fight back, hit them once, have a fight and they go on to the next victim, I know I was on both sides when I was in jr. high and high school, but trust your kids to do the right thing, it goes a long way in giving them self confidence as well

  4. Mrs. Pennello says:

    All kids make mistakes and should not have to have everyone hold it against them. All 8 of those kids are actually very good kids, I know them and one of them is actually my lil cousin ok and she knows she did wrong but we all have made mistakes which we had to learn from. NO ONE IS PERFECT!!! NOT EVEN YOU OR YOUR DAUGHTER!!! KNOW THAT!!!

  5. Mrs. Pennello says:

    Well for one when the parent smokes weed @ home and the kids are aware of it that’s not setting a good EXAMPLE in itself also when the children see their parent disrespecting others for NO reason they believe its ok as well. As for the bullying, I know for a proven fact no child is innocent not even your daughter and I have plenty of others that can and will BACK that up and how do you help your kids with homework, when you can not spell correctly? ENOUGH SAID!!!

  6. Concerned says:

    Phoenix Academy is a good school with problems like every other school. As far as students smoking weed behind the dumpsters, where does that weed come from and is this even the case. With all the walking around the campus staff does on a school campus, I find this hard to believe. Staff would see something like this. Security can only be in so many places and parents, not the school, should be held accountable for the drugs their children are bringing into the school. Also, are you aware of the budget cuts that have gone on statewide? Staff is strapped as it is across the board. I don’t believe the teachers allow the students to stay in their rooms if they are stoned. What started this incident, was staff noticing students acting out of sorts and having them taken to the hospital as a precaution. Does this sound like staff that does nothing? Also, Mrs. Torres is an excellent principal who cares about the students. She goes above and beyond to show this fact. You call this school evil but what you are spouting is.

  7. Kim Kreider says:

    All I have to say is, “those kids and their parents need to Thank God that their kids made it through the ordeal!” I live in Phelan, Ca. and 8 years ago, my 13 year old son took a pill that was passed out at school by friends and he was not as Blessed as they were. He died from the one single pill he took! Their isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and miss him dearly. God is giving you all a second chance so please live it wisely.
    Rest In Peace
    Jeremy Ryan Kreider
    July 30, 1990 – Febuary 12, 2004


    MY SISTER WAS APART OF THIS … It is not the fact that their is not enough security, not enough protection for the kids. I go their and its not the security if they suspect BULLYING, or, DRUGS they do whatever they can to stop it. It is what happens at home. You guys are just looking for answers and someone to blame for this mess and other bad things that go one their. The girl who brought the pills from her house was my gf BUT she is very emotionally disturbed and has a horrible mother that will let her do what she wants when she wants. The school is in the ghetto as it is, their is alot of blame but i think it is the parents and how their raising their child. Every one knows not to take a pill but if a kid thinks his mom or dad wont do anything about the fact that he got in trouble then they wont think twice about doing it …… The school is doing whatever they can do make it better call the school and ask them what character counts is (760) 242-7011)

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