Student, 16, Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Kill His Fellow Students

SIMI VALLEY (CBS) — A 16-year-old is in custody after allegedly threatening to kill his fellow students, according to authorities.

The alleged threats were made against a specific student who no longer attends the school — an 18-year-old — and others Thursday afternoon at Simi Valley High School, located at 5400 Cochran Street in Simi Valley.

The suspect reportedly was overheard — during the lunch hour — saying he was going to “shoot up the school.”

Officials said the student was placed under arrest after his comments were corroborated by witnesses. The suspect denied the allegations.

The suspect’s father reportedly owns several firearms but the student is not believed to have had direct access to them.

Police said he was not in possession of any weaponry at the time of his arrest.

The student is being held at the Ventura County Juvenile Hall.

  • rdobbins

    There is a really simple remedy for this, AN OLD FASHION ASS WOOPIN’!

  • Lilly of the Valley

    Another reason I don’t want to live in proximity to a school…

  • Tom Jenkins

    lol, man people be taking this terrorist nonsense WAY too seriously lol.

    • Bonnie

      Tom…you’re kidding, right? Tell that to the kids from Columbine and any other schools that have been involved in any terrorist activity.

  • Bonnie


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