LOS ANGELES (CBS) — April Rovero wants to know how her son’s doctor sleeps at night.

She lost her youngest, Joey, two years ago.

Joey Rover, at the time a student at Arizona State University, overdosed on a combination of prescription drugs. These were drugs prescribed by Dr. Hsui-Ying “Lisa” Tseng, a doctor who was recently arrested and accused of being a Dr. Feelgood, someone who over-prescribed, no questions asked.

Dr. Tseng — a 42-year-old Rowland Heights osteopathic physician —  is accused of being responsible for the deaths of three young men, all in their 20s, otherwise healthy, according to prosecutors.

April Rovero doesn’t know how this could have happened. “It just chills me. I do not know how she can sleep at night.”

doctor arrested1 Grieving Mother Wants To Know How Her Dead Sons Doctor Sleeps At Night

Hsiu-Ying “Lisa” Tseng, 42, was arrested Thursday by state Medical Board investigators. (credit: LA Times)

Dr. Tseng was charged today with second-degree murder. She was also charged with 20 felony counts of prescribing prescription medication without a legitimate purpose and fraud.

Joey Rovero’s mother was in court when a tearful Tseng, also a mother, pleaded not guilty.

April Rovero dismissed the doctor’s tears. “I felt no sympathy for her. As many tears as I have for my son.”

Rovero insists her son was healthy. She says she found out he paid cash and was prescribed large amounts of Oxycodone, Xanax, and Alprazolam and sent to a pharmacy a half-hour away.

Joey Rovero died nine days later — a combination of the pills and alcohol in his system. His mother says her son can’t die in vain. “Justice has to be served or it will be open season on this kind of behavior.”

In America, every 19 seconds, Joey’s mother says someone else dies of a prescription drug overdose. “That is horrifying to me.”

In honor of her son, she now runs the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse. For more about the organization, click here.

Comments (21)
  1. joseph meyers says:

    Maybe she should have raised her crack kid to make better decisions..one less junkie in the world.thank god .

    1. arizona malpractice says:

      > You must be a frustrated doctor or a doctor (like the suspect) who knows nothing about medicine. Universally, it is the doctor’s responsibility to put the safety of the patient above his (or her) own financial interests. [Elvis’s doctor got away with murder.] Don’t make a fool of yourself by commenting again.

      1. Jim Calloway says:

        Chill out. None of us are trying to take your precious pills away.

  2. greg says:

    I’m sure the Dr. sleeps just fine, why does almost everyone look to blame other people for they’re misfortune. Like what J Meyers said above, her some was a drug addict, he have gotten the meds from any Dr. While I’m sure the Dr. feels as bad as anyone would who lost someone they knew and was facing serious charges maybe mom needs to reflect on her mothering skills

    1. arizona malpractice says:

      You must be a frustrated doctor or a doctor (like the suspect) who knows nothing about medicine. Universally, it is the doctor’s responsibility to put the safety of the patient above his (or her) own financial interests. [Elvis’s doctor got away with murder.] Don’t make a fool of yourself by commenting again.

  3. Dawson Reilly says:

    Im guessing that with alll the money he has in the bank, he prolly sleeps pretty well at night!


  4. Jay says:

    another case of blaming everyone but the responsible party – her son was an addict!

  5. Brian Andrews says:

    Funny…I’ve never had a doctor shove drugs down my throat. Sigh…how does *she* f’n sleep at night?? She’s the damn mother!

    1. It'sYourFault-SheMadeMeDoIt says:

      Good one! Rovero is probably thinking about hiring that very unappealing lawyer Luis Carrillo….

  6. Cory Huber says:

    We ALL need to stop pointing fingers at everyone else for our own mistakes. Take responsibility for our own actions and choices. Point that finger at ourselves and ask, what I can do to correct this situation? The mother in this case needs to understand that her son did not have to purchase drugs in the first place. He made his choice to walk into that Dr’s office and probably told her a few lies to get the drugs. Washing them down with alcohol?? Are you serrious?!? What kind of responsible human being would do such a stupid thing? We all mourn your loss as it is the human thing to do, but we mourn your son’s ignorance as this whole stiuation could have been prevented.

    1. It'sYourFault-SheMadeMeDoIt says:

      Good luck with that. Not in today’s world, especially in the US and more especially in California.

  7. Alan Hart says:

    I want to know how the DA thinks he can get around the labeling provision of the prescription act? The labeling instructions clearly say “take 1 or 2 tablets every 6 hours” The patient decided he knew better and acted irresponsibly and subsequently overdosed! Not the doctors fault. Foes the DA blame a gun shop owner when a handgun purchaser kills himself with the handgun? Of course not.

  8. Mr,. J says:

    Yes, I feel sorry that this mom lost her son, but did this doctor force him to take the drugs? He was a college student so where was him comman sense and brains, buried in a book?

  9. Bob Rauscher says:

    Joey Rover, Joey Rover
    Don’t take drugs over and over.

  10. dfdf says:

    sad case, that’s how whitney houston died, drugs and alcohol combo!

  11. Jim Calloway says:

    Hey doc, I have pain, anxiety and I can’t sleep. What? you can’t prescribe me anything because I might induce social darwinism and take too many while getting drunk? I promise I won’t, but if I do its unlikely my mom will sue. Well, she might. C’mon doc, this sounds like a fair deal, right?

  12. Venetia says:

    It is obvious that this young man was trying to kill him self. It took a while but he did it. The doctor is certainly unethical andhas committed malpratice, but the young man got the prescriptions, bought them and took them.

    He is respoinsible for his life. His mother had nothing to do with it either. Many children who are well brought up kil themselves with drugs and fast cars, etc.

    May they all find peace. The mother would do well to quit blaming the physician and concentrate on forgiveness or she will be sick too.

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