Woman Pleas For Public’s Help In Finding Stolen Pet Parrot

BUENA PARK (CBS) — A Buena Park woman put out a plea for help Thursday night after someone stole her very special pet parrot.

“I just know that he’s out there waiting for me to find him and I want him to know I’m not giving up,” Chere Pulido said referring to her parrot Sparky.

Feathers were all that Pulido had left of her beloved blue and gold Macaw. To her the 15-year-old parrot was much more than a bird.

“He was my best friend,” she said.

He was also her lifeline. Pulido has a cancerous brain tumor and relies on Sparky to call for help in times of need.

“Being able to push a 911 alert button,” Pulido explained.

Tuesday night, like every night, she placed Sparky in his outdoor cage and went to bed. The next morning she went to greet Sparky and bring him inside.

“I said, ‘hey Sparky’ and I went to unlock the cage and lifted it up and noticed he was gone. And I looked around and I searched all the doors and I’m like, ‘no,’” Pulido recalled.

She said bolts had been removed from the top of the cage and she could see signs of struggle — Sparky’s feathers scattered in the park behind her house.

She said her neighbors heard horrific sounds the night before.

“I heard he was screaming and hollering and fighting them with everything he had,” Pulido said.

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(credit: CBS)

She said she believes someone stole sparky from her Buena Park backyard to sell him. Macaws can cost $2,500.

She wants pet stores and the public to think twice before purchasing this parrot.

“If these people confront you and want to sell my baby to you, think about where he’s come from,” she said.

Most of all, Pulido said she wanted her beloved bird back where he belongs.

“Please help bring him home.”

If you have any information on Sparky’s whereabouts, Pulido would like to hear from you. She can be reached at (805) 390-7599.

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  • Reality Check

    The neighbors.. “heard horrific sounds….screaming and hollering and fighting them with everything he had,”
    And yet did nothing. Good neighbor.

  • Chuey

    Seriously.. I saw a large parrot (perhaps a Macaw) flying from the area of Fairfax District, Southbound over the I-10 towards Culver City just yesterday. The unique wing flapping and long tail caught my eye. I was stuck in traffic. Good luck…

  • TAMI

    So sorry that your companion was stolen. I hope he gets back home.

    • chere pulido

      thankyou so much for takeing that few minutes to read my plea for help..if you saw this then there is hope out there to find him and bring him home..maybe the reward will recover him..thankyou me and my baby sparkey are greatful..

  • g butler

    is there any new news on whether Sparky has been found? this is heartbreaking. so sad. karma will get those thieves.

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