Police Investigate Possible Hate Crime In Sherman Oaks

SHERMAN OAKS (CBS) — Police are investigating a vandalism incident as a possible hate crime.

A homeowner called police Wednesday to report that a swastika had been scribbled on top of a stone mailbox.

Officers who came to take photos of the vandalism say it appears to be an isolated incident.

There have been no other reports of vandalism in the neighborhood.

  • wobbles

    Hard to care about “hate” crimes when a mob of blacks can beat someone down yelling racial slurs(on video and audio) and not be charged with a “hate” crime.

  • Harvey Lutske

    This happened in a Jewish neighborhood, something the story above conveniently left out. Let’s see now: draw a picture of a man hanging from a tree on a black person’s home and that would be a hate crime. Draw a picture of a man wearing a sombrero sleeping under a cactus on a Mexican-American home, that would be a hate crime. Draw a swastika on a Jewish-American home, and then we have to say, “Uhhh, is this a hate crime??” Basic intelligence has gone out the window!

    • MIKE

      or you draw a “white maggot with a cowboy hat on” it also would be considered a hate crime.LOL

  • Giggity-goo

    Harvey, isn’t being Jewish a relion? Jewish-American?

  • http://propertycloud.co.za/2012/03/police-investigate-possible-hate-crime-in-sherman-oaks/ Police Investigate Possible Hate Crime In Sherman Oaks - Property Cloud

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