LA CAÑADA FLINTRIDGE(CBS) — A 17-year-old boy was forced to stand on a street corner Wednesday, holding a sign that read, “My name is Justin. I am a thief.”

The La Cañada Sun reports the boy’s mother was punishing him for stealing a skateboard at school.

La Cañada High School officials reportedly told the mother of the incident, but did not involve police.

The boy, identified only as Justin, told the Sun, “It’s my fifteen minutes of shame.”

Justin’s mother supervised from a nearby shopping center as he held the sign for 15 minutes near the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Angeles Crest Highway.

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  1. Tempus Nunc says:

    Good for her!

    1. Whiskey Tango says:

      Good for her to punish the little mudflap so he does not end up like the rest in prison.

      1. marc says:

        so all of you guys think it is a good thing that this mother HUMILIATED her kid publicly? i do not argue the point that the kid needed punishment, what i do argue is the tactic she used. humiliating someone is the least effective way in my mind to correct bad actions. case in point any of you adults who have a job and have ever messed up on the job, if your boss chewed you out in front of all your co-workers would you like it? as a matter of fact if your boss did do that you can sue them, and any negitive comments the boss may want to place in your record as part of that even CAN NOT BE PUT IN YOUR RECORD. I know this as fact because I have owned 3 small business in my life ( cleaning service, gift shop and now a small restraunt) and i have had countless workers mess up countless things. ranging fromm not cleaning a clients place right to customer service issues in the gift shop to a cook taking food from stock home to feed his family and many things between these. and in every case had i chewed them in front of any other worker they would have a valid issues against me and i would no longer be able to place that issue in their file as a reason for discipline. this mother did well to punish her kid sure but the form of punishment was WRONG and is not likely to have much good effect

  2. Ray McCauley says:

    Good he got off pretty lite in my opinion, if I had done something like that man my father would have kicked my ass I remember once when I was like 6 or 7 and I stole a toy water rocket thingy and my father caught me I thought he was going to kill me but instead he did something worse he dragged me back to Ralph Ritz and turned me in I was 86th from the store my father paid for the toy and than had me break with hammer. this was 1972 or 73 and it worked I never stole again.

    1. John Jason Chun says:

      Ray, you got a good dad. My dad was like yours! He made me rich with the right values… my goal now is to be a Billionaire by 2020….

  3. John Jason Chun says:

    YouTube Video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dont miss a thing says:


  5. rich says:

    i think it is horid to do this to a kid PUNISH them yes but doing something this cruel is plain wrong my dad would have beat me silly to but he would have had the sence to not give me my punishment in public this will not likely change the kids ways but instead make him hate his mom because i know i would hate her for it if she was my mom

  6. Hayden says:

    Rich its people like you that make it seem okay to steal. There are consequences for everything you do. This kid will be a lot better off. He won’t steal again because he was publicly humiliated. If more parents started punishing their children maybe we wouldn’t have so many little brats running around.

  7. Brian says:

    that is the best thing a parent shuld do good for you mom am glad you did what you did it is either jail where he and big bubba will become good friends or be embarassad by the situation all who do crime or any sorts should have a sign hanging on them public embarasment is needed my brother stole from this store once I told on him but i told the store manager that he needed some help cleaning the place and I told on him once I noticed the scholol was vandalized he is 4 years younger then me he never regeted the fact that I told on him

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