SHERMAN OAKS (CBS) — It was a sight reminiscent of gas lines of the 1970s — only this one turned a drivers’ dream into a traffic nightmare.

Cars were lined up for blocks near the Shell station at Coldwater Canyon and Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks on Wednesday for a chance to get a free fill-up.

Drivers received 15 gallons of complimentary regular unleaded gas and were treated to full pump service by Shell employees.

The special 90-minute-long promotion even saw the station’s price sign reverted to all zeroes — a welcome sight as gas prices continue to average around $4.38 a gallon in the Southland.

Comments (13)
  1. Diana says:

    Ha ha Really? Does Sherman Oaks residents really need free gas? I do no understand why the “free gas” was not help in a underprivileged neighborhood, or should I say “a poor neighborhood”????

    1. Really says:

      Maybe because they already get free health care, free food, free money, free housing, free education, free child care…and everything else that the people in Sherman Oaks pay for out of every paycheck. Can’t believe you’d be so greedy…

      1. deen says:

        No they don’t some maybe but not all…

    2. Artem says:

      Then why don’t you post it.

    3. Alexander FRom 213 says:

      agrre with you.. sherman oaks is a very nice area.. sometimes you have to help the misfortunate 1st… i would like to see all areas from los angeles given the chnace to get free gas

  2. deen says:

    I bet most of the drivers were the ones that can afford the gas..just trying to get something for nothing as usual…

    1. Artem says:

      FYI: Poor people live, work and drive through Sherman Oaks.

      1. Really says:

        Artem, don’t bother…They already proved they don’t have the capacity to think…Only hate.

      2. GROWAPAIR says:

        Hey Artem, been said before, over eighteen you can make your own decisions, but pu$$Y dumbf**ks like you still living off their mama’s t!t don’t understand that. Having your mama lock you up in your bedroom is no problem since the t!t is still there and the brain cell you’re burning does no good. Now all she needs to do is take away the internet. And, if any of you dumbf**ks could read the money is not for the family. Involuntary confinement is the responsibility of the State, dumbsh!ts.

  3. deen says:

    So there was no one in that line that could afford the gas ???????

    1. Alexander FRom 213 says:

      bet they all could… “REALLY” sound slikea big hater… what would your reaction be if free gas was given to the 90210 area? hollywood hills? why give the rich free stuff?

  4. Joe says:

    Why give out free gas in a neighborhood that steals every thing they have?

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