LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The city of Los Angeles is number one when to comes to the number of Good Samaritans behind the wheel.

A study by in-vehicle security and communications provider OnStar ranked drivers in Los Angeles tops in the U.S. for using the service to make the most calls to help drivers.

“In Los Angeles, we received almost 10 Good Samaritan calls a day,” said OnStar spokeswoman Joanne Finnorn, bringing the city’s annual total to 3,111 calls.

The report does not distinguish between calls made on behalf of other drivers or those made to request support specifically for the caller, with the vast majority of callers requesting an ambulance or reporting accidents or other health emergency.

Chicago ranked second in the nation behind L.A., followed by New York and Houston.

Comments (3)
  1. rlb.1369 says:

    Though one thing is sad that this county is the worst in it’s citing people for foolish parking issues, and the people need to stop paying the tickets, and taking the tickets to courts, because they are over priced for what this charges are for the violation. The city can not justify the rate of charges for what they charge and it why to much for citizens to have to pay. People it is time to strike back at the system and make them pay for overcharging us, we the people! STOP THE RIP OFF NOW!

  2. KOBE says:

    I think the 10 people calling a day are calling from a stretch limousine with a fine alcohol beverage in their hand. There are no good samaritans behind the wheel in Los Angeles.

    Or this is some political stunt. I hope John & Kent will expose this. Why an article about good samaritans? Is this sheriff Beck who is going to run for office soon?

    LA Drivers Top US ‘Good Samaritan’ Rankings?? Corrupt report!!!!

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