Bandit Disguised As Security Guard Attacks, Robs Woman At Her Burbank Home

BURBANK (CBS) — Police are trying to find a disguised bandit who burst into a Burbank woman’s home and cut her with a knife before getting away with her cash and jewelry.

The man entered a large, gated apartment complex dressed as a security guard.

The victim’s neighbor Adriana Mendez said, “There’s a lot of single women [living here] so it’s scary to hear that.”

Women who live at Empire Landing apartments were stunned to learn a 29-year-old woman was the victim of a home invasion robbery.

“I am shocked – I am paying a lot to ensure my safety. It’s really scary,” neighbor Yvonee Sangudi said.

Police said the woman opened her door to a man dressed as a security guard.

Detectives said he threatened her with a knife, cut her in the hip and forearm, and took $10,000 worth of jewelry and cash before getting away.

burbank empire landing home invasion robbery Bandit Disguised As Security Guard Attacks, Robs Woman At Her Burbank Home

(credit: CBS)

“There were probably four police here and two down there blocking the entrances and exits,” said Mendez, adding, “There’s security so I feel safe but knowing anyone can walk in, it’s scary.”

Residents said the complex feels secure and that you can only access the building with a key.

Detectives said they were investigating whether there was any connection to the fact that the victim ordered a pizza 40 minutes prior to the attack.

They were also investigating whether she may have been targeted.

Residents said the victim drove high-end sports cars for her job, but police also said they are looking into whether an ex-boyfriend may have been involved.

“It would surprise me that anyone got in there – there’s a lot of other places to invade,” said nearby resident Betsy Yung.

Detectives said they were having a tough time locating security tape. They were given a vague description of the suspect and were working with sketch artists to release a likeness.


One Comment

  1. . says:

    I would stay away from the Fullerton PD.

  2. Timothy McGarry says:

    Bet it was the ex.

  3. jack says:

    I always tell my girlfriend to never, ever open the door for anyone she doesn’t know, at any time, no matter what.

  4. lee says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.

  5. Home Security says:

    Home invasions are increasing rapidly. These thugs know that there is less of a chance getting caught burglarizing a home then robbing businesses.
    So stay safe, be vigilant, install deadbolts and keep alarm activated. If you don’t have an alarm system try for the most affordable monitored alarm system in the nation.

  6. randy says:

    Mike and Lee have both gone the Leonard Tose route.

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