LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles Unified School District employees hit the streets Monday night, the day before the district board will vote on a budget that includes significant cuts to student programs and services for the 2012-13 school year.  Custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, early education teacher assistants, and other school workers will continue to rally until the meeting begins on Tuesday.  They are urging Sacramento legislators to “fix this mess” and support a budget that doesn’t force local schools to make further drastic cuts to student programs and services.

The 2012-13 state budget proposal presented by Governor Jerry Brown calls for big cuts to education, including home-to-school transportation and the dismantling of funding for other core student services. In response to the Governor’s proposal, the LAUSD is considering significant cuts to student services including early education centers, cafeteria services, maintenance, transportation, and after-school programs if additional revenue is not approved by voters. The District estimates it will need to lay off 8,000 – 10,000 classified employees who provide these services and has already sent out nearly 12,000 Reduction In Force Notices, or layoffs slips.

At their March 13 meeting, the LAUSD School Board will take the first step toward adopting this crisis budget by voting on program and staffing cuts.

“We get budget information from the state every day.  If there are no surprises in the governor’s May revise, some RIF notices will be rescinded shortly thereafter. And, I will keep working to restore as many positions as possible,” school Superintendent John Deasy said.

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  1. Chancelarue says:

    So I can’t post but this guy who isn’t even on topic and expresses hate while offering wantonly untrue information gets a green lite

  2. Chancelarue says:

    While 1000s of essential school staff and faculty are being laid off every spring at Lausd , the administration has grown 26% over less than ten years. Notoriously top heavy , corrupt and ineffeceint before this , it is hard to justify educRATic bloat as class size expands, drp outs increase , and our schools are fraught with peril. Yet Lausd present has many openings for more administrators posted on the site.of course there’s no sense applying because nepotism will see the position filled. It will be obscenelly paid and unnecessary, as are most district positions . Yet no one is expressing disapproval, least of all our unions. These EducRAT$ cost children adequate supplies, instuctional time, clean , safe campuses , field trips, arts, music, preschool , decent nutrition , sped aids, incentives, programs and hope. People know about rubber room teachers paid to do nothing….thanks to the protracted process, which Mr. Deasy laments in 11-11, stating he cannot fire teachers but by 2-12 note that he brags he fired 800 + since he took over. This is not RiFs or displacements.. I am sure he could do that to the many principals , officials, directors, etc who languish at phony desk jobs after caught embezzling,molesting, harassing, rettailling, boozing, drugging , and so on. Most make much more that 100k annually with benefits and pensions , if police don’t indict , the desk job is where these suits stay until retirement . One of these saleries coup pay for4 custodians or aids, music program, computer lab or a college. Deasynearns anywhere from 275k –350k+ 150kconflict of interst with scholastic test co, car, perks . Imagine what schools could do with that

    1. Linda Corrigan says:

      I agree. More and more service personnel became administrators in the last 5-6 years that I worked fo LAUSD because of the pay, benefits and packages., yet there are some that really work hard to provide services to students, and there are those who actually don’t do much but paper push….so much loss in the service sector, everyone knew this would happen, getting top heavy, and less for services and teaching for the students. Why would you need an administrator to counsel students? They have no time to do that, since they arerequired to prepare programs, curriculums, and track all grades and information; submit other records, supervise workers, discipline students, attend meetings, prepare graduation, the counseling administrators do the brunt of the work, the rest just paper push….its time for service personnel to speak out. You have clerical staff providing advice to students about careers,when counselors should be doing that job., they get paid less…..but Brown isn’t seeing that at all, unless he is wise to the abundance of top paid officials at school districts. I always said this “If everyone becomes an administor, who will you administor too?” Adult schools are important component to the core of technical and career programs and work force….more teachers and service personnel need to work in those areas, you don’t need administrators to run these programs, when most of the work is done by service personne. I was one of the first to get cut, as a classifed positon, with a master in counseling it worked, however, budget cuts in 2009 cut. The same thing is happening in the College districts.

  3. Linda Corrigan says:

    Everyone got on the bandwagon, because they saw a way to make good money, gain benefits, and gain perks. Some provide little service. How many principles do you need at an adult school? Just one! They got rid of coordinators, hired more assistant priniciples instead of keeping the counseling staff or coordinators.. To become an administrator, you had to take some courses, pay a fee for the course, ($1,200.00) if you passed, you were given a job as an administrator. How much money did that program generate? I casee working your way up the ladder from teacher or counselor, what I cannot see is administrators who came up the ranks with hardly any experience in running the schools. Many also became principles; some are great, some are not. Its a gamble, and if you didn’t know someone in the district, forge it. If you talked or spoke up, you would be ignored for the job. I spoke up, and the principle at my school never applied for the extended funding to keep my job as a counselor aide in the department. This type of favoritism doesn’t work, so you have a large pool of people making lots of money, and doing nothing to keep the schools running. Get rid of the downtown system, and all the heavy weights that don’t do what it is they were hired to do. I commend clerical staff, service personnel, and those administrators who do work hard for the students career.

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