EL SEGUNDO (CBS) — Rock legend and reality TV star Gene Simmons is putting his money where his famous tongue is with the launch of a new chain of restaurants.

Partnering up with veteran concert promoter Dave Furano and local restaurant owner/brewmaster Michael Zislis, the trio will open their first Rock & Brews on El Segundo’s Main Street on April 3.

The chain’s concept’s theme calls on the excitement of being backstage at a concert, according to a news release. The menu will offer appetizers as “Opening Acts,” “VIP” salads, “Headliner” sandwiches, “Front Row” pizzas and “Encores” desserts.

The restaurant will feature more than 40 craft beers on tap, according to a news release, with hundreds more available in the bottle or can, along with red and white wine offerings.

Rock & Brews restaurants are being touted as being family and dog friendly, with a play area for kids and a large open-air area where pets can hang out.

El Segundo’s Rock & Brews’ grand opening will be hosted by Simmons, Furano and Zislis and will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Plans are already in place for more Rock & Brews locations throughout Los Angeles, Maui, Denver, Atlanta, Tokyo and Los Cabos.

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  1. Rock & Fail says:

    Thanks for the story CBS2. Now I know which place to avoid. It’s a family and dog friendly bar founded by a satanist? Didn’t see that one coming.

  2. Dabner Tripleday says:

    Gene Simmons, what a legendary opportunist and penny-pincher.

    He bought a warehouse full of signage at pennies on the dollar. Mostly from closed locations of The Hard Rock Cafe and a bancrupt east coast chain Killebrews.

    Rock n’ Brews.

  3. Dabner Tripleday says:

    I Don’t believe for a second that gene simmons has risked a dime of his own money in this restaurant venture.

    Gene Simmons finally married his long-time partner and mother of his children Shannon Tweed.

    You probably know about this – the star-studded wedding party in Beverly Hills received celebrity headline news coverage for a week.

    Did Gene tell you the entire cost for the wedding reception is a tax-deductible PR expense against his appearance and merchandise income?

    Do you think the newlyweds remembered to declare.all the wedding presents on their tax return?

    Do you think the newlyweds even have any of those wedding presents any longer?

    Who saw Gene and Shan the morning after the wedding at Barneys and SFO at 7AM waiting for the store to open and return everything?

    Why do you think E-Bay was unusually flooded a few months ago with $500 merchandise credit certificates from Nordstrom listed at $450 as BuyItNow?

    1. Knights In Salad Service says:

      Land of opportunity!

  4. sandy LONGbeach says:

    meezz thinks it will last a summer n bust-if tried and tested “pub bar types” go under, this will be another-folks aint going out spending these days.

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