Ex-NASA Mission Specialist Alleges JPL Fired Him For Promoting Intelligent Design

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Attorneys for a former NASA mission specialist who claims he was demoted and ultimately fired for his beliefs in intelligent design are expected to deliver their opening statements on Monday.

Computer specialist David Coppedge, a former Jet Propulsion Labs employee who once held the title of “team leader” on the Cassini mission to Saturn, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Coppedge, who is an evangelical Christian, claims he lost his title in 2009 before he was fired last year for promoting the theory that irreducible complexity in organic life and other scientific markers suggest that life in the universe could not have been the result of the evolutionary model of random mutations over millions of years.

The lawsuit also alleges Coppedge was targeted after distributing informational DVDs about intelligent design to co-workers.

JPL officials have denied any discrimination.

  • Christina39

    Go JPL and the best of luck to you! You don’t need an idiot working for you.

    • luckyfela1

      How really ironic that someone named CHRISTina would say something about someone who is so dedicated to that name. That’s what an evangelical christian is.

      I’m anti-religious. I do believe that a higher life form created this planet. It is so unusual that our great planet could NOT have been created accidentally. period.
      So in a strange way, I agree with him.
      However, JPL was certainly NOT the place to be promoting his religion.
      Being a ‘team leader’ in today’s business world is nothing to be proud of.
      You’re given a lot of responsibility, with very little rewards. In our society in the United States, a job seemingly is looking a lot more like the ‘worker’ in CHINA.
      Perhaps the executives who make all the money have seen how they can “WORK” the population without paying the price. It boils down to this: The UNIONS created this anger within the ‘management elite’, and decided to do something about it. We now see the result. Management certainly didn’t suffer did it?
      thats all.

      • Christina39

        I believe in a supreme being. I believe in a life after death. However, I lived among Evangelicals. I don’t believe in hell and the nonsence that every other religion will burn in this “made up” hell for eternity. Who would actually wish that on a person of another faith? Evangelicals that’s who! . Evangelicals are the most intolerant people I have known and the least educated. They won’t even read these posts, trust me on this. Until you hear their nonsense don’t criticize. Do a study of their beliefs and then post.

      • luckyfela1

        thanks for your comment. I understand where you’re coming from.
        I was born a Roman Catholic. My brother converted to a evangelical christian when he married his wife, who was evangelical. Changed him completely. I rarely see them or converse with them. They are both so judgemental I just can’t stand it.
        Religion is nothing more than a device to intimidate and control.

      • Christina39

        When I asked an Evangelical about people born into another faith or someone born in China where they would not be exposed to “Christ”, their answer is that everyone will hear the word “Christ” once in their life and if I they don’t convert, they will burn in the Evangelicals “pretend” hell for eternity. Intolerant people projecting their intolerance on to a supreme being. JPL doesn’t need that.

      • jkl

        When you say “period”, that’s a powerful statement on your part. But I need proof of this superior intelligence existance. The fact that you believe they exist, or that life on planet Earth exists, is not proof. There is more then one explanation for life on Earth.

    • Christina39

      To jkl. I think JPL would agree with you. They do scientific research.

  • Timothy McGarry

    Sounds like he’s been crunching numbers a little too long.

  • railbird

    Mr. Coppedge is certainly entitled to believe whatever he wants, regardless of how silly it may be. What you are not allowed to do is use your fellow employees as a captive audience during work hours to spread your beliefs and perhaps intimidate others into accepting your beliefs. It sounds like he was doing the latter. Also, the ironic part of this (and perhaps the scariest part) is that Mr. Coppedge would take on a career where careful scientific analysis and an analytical mind are presumably required. A good scientist, in my opinion, cannot hold such contradictory beliefs.

    • Christina39

      Best Comment Award goes to railbird

  • MIKE

    jesus was a jew .so if you believe in jesus/religion you are being controled by the zionist agenda.

    • jkl

      Mike, Please explain what your comment has to do with this news article.

  • Joe Dionne

    If this guy was a Muslim everyone would be falling all over themselves to “accommodate” him.

  • http://propertycloud.co.za/2012/03/ex-nasa-mission-specialist-alleges-jpl-fired-him-for-promoting-intelligent-design/ Ex-NASA Mission Specialist Alleges JPL Fired Him For Promoting Intelligent Design - Property Cloud

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