RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Authorities Sunday were investigating the circumstances surrounding a crash that claimed the life of a 18-year-old man in Riverside.

The collision on Mitchell Avenue at Norwood occurred about 1:22 a.m.

Ruben Terriquez was killed in the crash of the 1994 Ford Mustang driven by the allegedly drunken racer: Jesus Gamez. Both men were identified as Riverside residents, Gamez is also 18.

According to Riverside Police Sgt. Dan Reeves, witness statements indicated that the Mustang and a silver sedan were street racing when the Mustang ran a stop light, lost control and crashed into a parked car.

The silver car reportedly left the scene after the crash, police said.

“Both occupants had to be extricated from the vehicle by Riverside Fire Department personnel,” Reeves said. “They were transported to Riverside  Community Hospital for treatment and the passenger succumbed to his injuries during treatment.”

Anyone with more information is asked to contact Detective Ken Madsen at (951) 826-8723.

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  1. TK says:


  2. TIRED says:

    You just cannot fix stupid. Wish we would deport it, though.

  3. candlepin bowler says:

    drunken drag racing.they still street race in LA.l’m blogging from boston,slow news day here.aren’t there drag strips in the LA area open now.here new england dragway doesn’t open till april 1st.by the way gas is $3.67 here.

  4. Janet says:

    I Give all My Support to both parts of the Familys Ruben (error) Teriquez for their loss. hes not suffering no more. I hope It gets easier in time! everyones here for you guys! and we will never Forget Ruben hell be missed<3
    And as For Jesus Gamez i Know Some People arent a big fan of him right now but no one knows the real story everyones just assuming the only people that would know is just jesus and ruben (R.I.P) i have my opinion because they were BOTH my Friends and i dont think it was on purpose they had an accident! yes jesus shhouldnt of been driving drunk but he didnt put a gun on rubens head to get it we all who know ruben is really alterado! and there is consequence for peoples actions and sadly this consequense was a death of a friend and family memmber and another one in jail! i wanna give all my support to jesus gamez's family also im here for both families and one more thing Keep the rude Coments to Yourself! jesus's family is already suffering and im pretty sure ruben wouldnt want all this anger upon jesus let him rest in peace and jesus is already going to live with this for the rest of his life please dont make it harder for him 😦
    LOVE always, Janet<3

    1. David Terriquez says:

      Janet yeah but this jesus gamez has to be in jail for the rest of is life
      ,And for making us loose our ONE and Only ONE cousin of our uncle 😥

  5. jsdhfdhj says:

    I have no way of explaining how all this has affected me, it is so easy to blame but instead of blaming what we need to do is get together and make sure this NEVER EVER happens again,its too much pain to explain how my heart is feeling, I’m so sorry for the loss of Eror rip, both made a really bad choice and i hope we can all realize it was an accident a really bad one that ended in one of our friends life and the other in jail, Jesus cannot be suffering more than he is living with this in his head for THE REST OF HIS LIFE, he saw Ruben take some of his last breaths imagine all the thoughts rushing through his head and worst were bashing him, I’m not saying taking him out of jail he does have to pay for his mistakes but this was no murder it was an accident, I know error wouldn’t want jesus to be in jail, if he was here I know he’d put a stop to all this nonsense, he wouldn’t want us divided choosing sides and bashing Jesus, Both families have all my support and I just want this to be over and for all of us to realize that fighting and putting Jesus in jail won’t undo this… Error is gone and in a way so is Jesus, i lost two friends not one and it hurts that we have to make this a war, we should let the law do their job, no disrespect to either families

  6. Cindy says:

    I feel for both families, yes, no one put a gun in Ruben head to get in the car, but I’m sure if he knew what lied ahead for him, he would’nt have went in the car. He was only 18years old. Yes, this was an accident, but it was a accident that could’ve been prevented, Jesus should not have went behind the wheel, drunk driving and especially at that high of a speed on a 25 mph neighborhood where there are other families and kids living around there. Jesus would have to live with this the rest of his life, but he gets to live and a young kid who just turned 18 doesn’t. I feel for both mothers, and families. I hope this is an example to others who think about driving when their under the influence as well as NOT to drive at that speed in a neighborhood.

  7. Lola says:

    Yeah your right if Ruben would have known what lyed ahead for him he wouldn’t have got in the car, and if Jesus would’ve known neither would he,there are too many IF’s but no one ever really knows and we can’t change these things, Jesus didn’t know, no one did
    If you know them you know their personalities and the way they were, regardless of what people may say we know who and how they were and whether or not Jesus truly had a bad intention and what Ruben would want…I hope Ruben can’t see what they say and wanna do to his friend because he would be very sad watching us

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